Friday, 17 August 2012

Review: Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner

I have been a fan of Soap and Glory for some time now but I havn't branched out much from their bodycare into their make up range. The one make up item I do own is Hocus Focus which I have grown to love and wear nearly every day (review here) so the Supercat Eyeliner is my second step into Soap and Glory Makeup. This wasn't a whimsical purchase as I had just run out of liquid eyeliner and was looking for a suitable replacement. Sorry for the not so great pictures as it was a rather stormy day so couldn't get great lighting :(

On first impressions, I loved the packaging (Soap and Glory always seem to nail this) but the formula of the product let me down. The packaging is sleek and pretty looking, the perfect size to fit in your hand bag and enable easy application to both eyes. I also liked the tapered nib which looks like a felt tip - it is the perfect shape to apply a straight line, whether thick or thin and also great for flicks too.

After all these pros I felt disappointed when the formula came out quite watery, much like a washable felt tip, and I had to put on quite a few layers to quite a black opaque line. However, after 3 or 4 uses I am pleased to say that it has started to come out much darker than on first application, so I think it was just because the product had to saturate the nib a bit more.

Swatched when brand new. Colour has since become darker.
Overall, I really enjoy using this eyeliner, and if you are a novice to liquid eyeliner this would be a good choice for you because of the easy application. This is another great product from Soap and Glory which makes me excited to try out some of their other make up products.

Have you got this eyeliner? If so what did you think? Have you tried any Soap and Glory make up? xxx


  1. I love these type of eyeliners, but it just seems so pricey compared to the Collection 2000 one I use now! x

    1. I havn't tried the Collection one, I agree Soap and Glory can be quite pricey :( Will have a look at the Collection eyeliner next time! x


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