Friday, 31 August 2012

Review: So Susan Lip Cushion

Before writing up posts I do some research on the product I've been trialing out and the company. When I tried to do that with this particular product and company however, I couldn't find any official website or any product information, which was pretty weird. Considering I'd never heard of this company before some of their products came in my August Jolie Box it was rather annoying. However, after some more investigation I found the same product selling on eBay and found out that it was actually by Jelly Pong Pong. The pictures on the official Jelly Pong Pong site showed the exact same box and product but with a different shaped tub that the lip product came in. I'm not sure if they have now rebranded to the name 'So Susan' or not but I'm guessing that is the case. All I know is that the original Jelly Pong Pong lip cushion was retailing on ASOS for £6.

Anyway... on to the product! First impressions of this were good - it was really nice to see a full size product in my box. I really like the packaging as I think it is a good size, it has a clear body which means you can see the product and the rose gold lid was very pretty. As it is a pot you do have to use your finger though and that is a feature I know some people aren't too keen on. The colour of the lip cushion I received was a frosted pink with lots of sparkle which definitely appealed to me! It also has a strong scent of artificial strawberries, which I don't mind but it probably won't appeal to some people.

When I tested this however, I was rather let down. I know it is meant to be a sheer gloss but there is virtually no colour pay off whatsoever and it is basically see through so no point in doing a swatch as you wouldn't see it. I'm not sure why they bother doing different colours of this because it wouldn't make a difference. They branded the product a lip cushion rather than just a gloss as it is meant to give a 'squishy, elastic texture' but I didn't notice anything special about it and it feels exactly like a pot of vaseline. It is also meant to be quite moisturising and I agree with this to an extent but if you have ultra dry lips this won't do a great deal for you. The lip cushion does include evening primrose oil, beeswax and aloe vera to 'heal lips and improve suppleness' so who knows, maybe after a good few weeks of using this I will see a difference. It is also animal cruelty free which is always a plus point for me.

Overall, I was let down by this product. It is pretty average and I won't be reaching for it every day but it would be a good one to keep in my handbag for when I'm on the go on top of a lipstick. Considering you can buy a much larger tub of Vaseline for less than £2 and does pretty much the same thing I wouldn't repurchase this and I think it is a bit of a rip off to be retailing at £6. Sorry for a rather negative review but I do review everything honestly so you don't end up wasting your money!

Have you tried this product before or heard of So Susan? xxx
Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Topshop Lipstick Collection

Topshop's diversification into make up has been around for a while now but I was never totally convinced. I love their clothes but figured the transition into make up would always be a let down as I perceived it to be more of a side project. I expected the formulation and packaging of products to be cheap looking and over priced....but how wrong I was!! Since testing out various products from their make up range I have fallen in love with it, particularly with their lipsticks. Although it not may be the cheapest in price, it is certainly priced fairly in line with the quality of the products on offer.

I now own 5 lipsticks from Topshop: Nevada, Idol, Brighton Rock, Infrared and Legend, the latter from their newly released collection with Louise Grey. They all have the same velvet matte finish (bar Legend) but still manage to be moisturising and deliver great colour pay off - the colour you see in the tube is really what you get on your lips which is a massive plus for me as lipsticks can sometimes lack on this front. The colours of these lipsticks are in no way sheer and therefore even one coat of them delivers a lovely pop of colour. The fact I'm really into bright lips at the moment means I'm wearing these all the time. Even if you're not a fan of matte finishes, they are worth it just for the colour and you can just add a bit of balm/gloss over the top. I also find their wear time to be quite long which was again surprising for me but obviously a plus point. They all have the same stylish packaging and design which is sleek and lightweight, although the only con is that the white marks easily and you can't seem to get it off. The lipsticks also have a sweet smell to them, but this is quite light and doesn't transfer to the lips. The shade range of the lipsticks can sometimes be very similar, so it is best if you are interested in trying them to go instore and have a swatch yourself.

Infrared: This is the first shade I picked up after seeing Zoe from Zoella rave about it so much. I had been wanting to get into orange lipstick for a while and this shade was the perfect one to start with. The colour is a true deep orange and I just really love it! It is a really bold colour, like I said before even with just one coat but its staying power is great and I find these lipsticks also leave a nice stain so don't wear off patchy. As it isn't bright neon orange I think it is a very wearable shade for both evening and in the day - I've been wearing this in the day with a neutral eye and find it is great at adding something a bit different to your look.

Nevada: This is a very pale, milky nude which may not suit all skin tones. I have quite pigmented lips but only one coat is enough to create a 'your lips but better' look. I like to smudge it with my finger into my lips as unlike the brighter colours, I find it looks better with less precision and just a natural wash of colour. When wearing heavier eye makeup this is a good choice to balance out the rest of my make up. I'm steadily building up my nude collection and this is one of my favourites as for my skintone I find it relatively easy to wear.

Idol: Pink lipsticks are definitely my favourite colour to wear and I have quite a few varying shades (which Matt never understands!) but this one has fast become one of my favourites. It is a perfect Barbie pink and just so so pretty! I like to build up the colour so it really pops. Again this would be perfect for in the day or the evening. I love it!

Brighton Rock: Not only did the colour of this lipstick grab me but the name too as I really like the book by the same title. This pink is a lovely deep shade which is quite similar to a Rimmel one I own (shade 340 Lily Extase) although the latter is a bit darker. Again I would wear this in the day or evening and I've found it to be an excellent colour match to my Hollister jumper I got in a recent haul :)

Legend: Firstly, how cute is the packaging! It is so lovely and pretty! Even though I've already got loads of pinks, I saw this featured on Tereza's blog Cityscape Bliss and knew I just HAD to have it. It is from the recently released range by Louise Grey from Topshop and it is BEAUTIFUL!! It is a bit like Brighton Rock but the colour is close to being Neon. It's a really bold colour and perfect for the evening. This shade is £10 so a little more than the core collection but it is definitely worth the price. I'm so pleased I picked this up :)

That's it for my collection and I am keen for more...! What do you think of these colours? Have you tried any Topshop lipstick? xxx

P.S. I'm trying to branch out and do some different style posts rather than just reviews, what do you think? If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, then leave me a comment/tweet me and let me know!
Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wishlist Wednesday #4

Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins (Oil free): I've already harped on about my love for Origins on this blog but that won't stop me from doing it again! There are a lot of products I want to try from this brand and this one is quite high on my list. I don't actually own a night cream (serious beauty sin?) and would like to add one into my routine. I loved the look of this one as it is oil-free and is meant to aid radiance, something that my skin could benefit from.

Women's Institute Complete Christmas: Whenever I do these posts I always seem to slip a random anomaly into them! This isn't that random though because I've heard the Women's Institute have some great cooking secrets and tips and I love baking and Christmas so all 3 in one book is something I would like :) This would be great to purchase before Christmas so in the festive period I can cook up a storm!

REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask: Ren have had such a lot of praise recently and are a brand I am keen to delve into. At the moment I am sampling a lot of different masks to find the best ones for me and my skin 'issues' and this looks like a great one to try. It tackles excess sebum so would help with oiliness, the build up of dead skin cells which would aid radiance and also tackles blemish-causing bacteria to help with breakouts. All in all it sounds like a dream and would love to try it!

Rouge Dior Lipstick in shades 435, 638 & 757: Who am I kidding, I want them all! But if I had to choose these would be my favourites. I spent a good while dragging Matt around the beauty counters and swatching away which I think is a much better way to gague the true colour of products like this as the photos never capture exactly the same shade as in person. I'm obsessed with lipsticks/lip products at the moment and would love a few more high end shades to add to my growing collection.

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Cream: I recently just purchased the scrub in this range but have also heard good things about other products from it too. This would be a great day cream to wear to control excess sebum that I suffer from. Since browsing in their new shop in the Bullring the other day I have fallen in love with the Body Shop again and have added lots more to my wishlist!

That's it for this week's Wishlist, what do you think? Have you tried any of these products before? xxx

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bullring Booty

As it is a Bank Holiday this weekend, it was only natural that I would want to spend some of that time wandering around one of the best shopping centers I know - the Bullring. Matt and I spent the whole of Saturday wandering around so many different shops and indulging a little, which was lovely :) I accumulated quite a lot of things, some that I had wanted for a while, some that were just bought on a whim. Many of them were budget brands though, so that was my justification haha ;) As always I will provide in depth reviews of some of these products but for now here is an overview:

 * Hollister jumper - actually bright pink in person just didn't picture very well! In the sale!

* Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter for Coloured Hair:
* Seaweed Pore-cleansing Facial Exfoliator
* Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean
* Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
* Burt's Bees Lipbalm in Mango
* Collection Creampuff in 'Fairy Cake'
*MUA nail varnish in 'Frozen Yoghurt'
* Essie nail varnish in 'Bikini So Teeny'
* Louise Grey Lipstick for Topshop in 'Legend'
* Topshop blusher in 'Head over Heels'
* Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Mascara
* Volume Million Lashes in 'Extra Black'
* Natural Collection blush in 'Peach Melba'
* MUA Mosaic Blush in 'English Rose'

So as you can see there is quite a lot here (oops!) What do you think of my haul? xxx
Sunday, 26 August 2012

Review: 17 Miracle Matte Foundation

£5.99 at Boots

A few months ago I purchased a few bits in a blog sale and this foundation was one of them. It caught my eye due to being oil free and has added SPF. I also picked up the 'Stay Matte' powder prior to this in duty free and liked it so was influenced by this to test out the foundation to see if I liked it as much.

I used this on nearly a daily basis when I first received it, replacing my beloved Dream Matte Mousse for a while. Although I still love the latter, this gives  more coverage (medium, buffed to full) but still with a natural finish and is more suited to my summer skin tone (I have the shade 'fair'). As you probably already know, this summer I have favoured BB creams over foundations for the more natural glowy look, but on days where I want a bit more coverage or am having a bit of an oily day, I find myself reaching for this. I have tried this foundation both with and without a primer and it has lasted a really good amount of time with both, although it is definitely not '16 hours' like it states. The only place I have had to touch up is my chin.  I don't think I will ever have 'matte' skin but this does a lot to help that problem. I do find myself having to give a light dusting of powder but this is only in late afternoon after I've been wearing it all day.

The packaging may not be as luxurious than high end brands but it is practical and it's pink (thumbs up from me) with a clear body so you can see how much you've got left, so it doesn't really annoy me. I also like that it has a pump to dispense the right amount of product without being really messy, although this pump can get blocked with dried product from time to time. The shade range is also great for the more pale ladies, however for darker skin tones it is practically non-existent.

If you are looking for a budget matte foundation, then I urge you to give this a try. I also really recommend their BB cream (review here) which has been a staple in my daily routine. Overall from the 3 products I've tried from this brand I have been really impressed and will definitely look into some more of their products.

Have you tried this foundation? What else do you suggest I should try from 17? xxx
Friday, 24 August 2012

Oreo Overload Cupcakes

Another month, another birthday! This time it was one of my best friend's 20th. Every time a birthday comes around it has become somewhat of a tradition that I make a little something to take along to the party. For this occasion I decided on something I'd never made before and was a bit indulgent and settled on Oreo cupcakes. Oreos + chocolate + cake = delish! I will apologise in advance for the quality of the 'after' pictures once they were made, as I only had the opportunity to try and picture them at the party! I also normally always include a picture of all the ingredients at the beginning but it seems to have got lost somewhere :\

* 150g margarine 
* 150g caster sugar
* 3 eggs
* 125g of self-raising flour
* 25g of cocoa powder
* 3 packs of Oreos
* 1 tub of Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing (I don't normally like using this and like to make my own icing but my dad bought it on offer and so had to use it up!)


* Preheat the oven to 190 degrees and line your cupcake tins with paper cases. Place an Oreo at the bottom of each case.

* Cream together the caster sugar and margarine until pale and fluffy.

* Beat in the eggs one at a time until fully mixed. Be careful not to over do it and curdle the mixture.

* Sieve the cocoa powder and self-raising flour together. Fold into the mixture a bit at a time.

* Using a food processor blitz a packet of Oreos until fine and crumbly. Fold all of it into the mixture until evenly distributed.

* Spoon even amounts of the mixture over each cookie and then place in the oven for 15-20 minutes until springy to the touch.

* Once cooked, leave to cool for a few minutes in the tin then transfer to a wire cooling rack until completely cooled.

* Once cooled you can now ice them. You can do this by pipeing or with a palette knife, your choice :) top the icing with another Oreo.

 Can you spot the ginger bread stars from my recent recipe post?

And here is some pictures of my friends tucking in!

These went down a treat with my family too, so would be great to make for chocolate lovers or for something a bit more special than chocolate fairy cakes. Let me know if you make them and remember to tweet me a picture! @LilMisLifestyle xxx
Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Review: Origins Super Spot Remover

Origins Super Spot Remover // £13 for 10ml

Over the past few years I have tried many different products regarding blemishes but none of them have ever worked that well and have left me feeling disappointed and out of pocket. Recently I heard a lot of good reviews of Origins Super Spot Remover which reignited my hope that I could find something to tackle my blemishes in a gentle yet effective way. I love Origins products so much due to their packaging, ethos and natural, pure ingredients and often find myself browsing their counter and online to add to my collection. I purchased this product around 2 weeks ago now and am pleased to say that it gets a thumbs up from me!

When I first bought it, I was shocked at how small the bottle was and thought the price was a bit of a rip off. However, I know people have used it every day and still have more than half a bottle left after 3 months. A little really goes a long way with this product and it should last me a very long time. As always the packaging is lovely and I like the screw top to stop leaking. The bottle is a blue squeezy one, making it easy to get the right amount of product. The actual formula is a clear gel and applies easily - it can sting a little when put on and tightens the area a bit but I like that as it shows it is working. Although this is effective at settling blemishes,it hasn't created any dry patches on my face, but this may be because I have combination/oily skin. I also use this on dark marks from previous blemishes and it has faded them really well. I mainly use this at night although you can also use it in the day under make up without any problems. The only con is that the formula doesn't get rid of the blemish overnight and it can take up to 2-3 days, but then again this isn't much of a problem for me as I wasn't expecting miracles and is the most effective thing I've used. After one application you can tell a difference from using this product.

I'm really pleased I invested in the Super Spot Remover and can understand why there was hype around it. It has become a staple in my routine and would recommend others who have similar problems like mine to give it a go.

Have you tried this product before? What other Origins products would you recommend? xxx
Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Review: Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facewash

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash // RRP £4.94 at Boots for 200ml

...And breathe! Can we just appreciate how long the name of this product is?? I picked this face wash up a while ago in a haul I did in Boots as I had run out of face wash and was looking for something I hadn't tried before which would be gentle yet effective. This caught my eye as it is pink (obviously!), has grapefruit in it which I also love and was by Neutrogena, a brand I have no previous experience with. It claims to 'help eliminate spots and blackheads' for 'clean, fresh and healthy looking skin' by using 'Microclear technology' - whatever that is!

I've been using this for around a month now in the mornings to cleanse my skin before toning, moisturising and applying make up and as you can see from the pictures, I still have loads left so should last me a long time. The gel formula is lovely at giving me a clean feeling without striping my skin and does make me feel fresh and more awake. I also enjoy the fragrance, although it is a very sweet version of pink grapefruit, it is a really nice scent for the morning. The packaging gets a thumbs up from me too - it is clear so you can see how much product is left and the pump dispenses enough product hygienically and easily. You can also twist the pump head to lock it, making it great for travel.

Although I knew I wouldn't look in the mirror after using this and look like Neutrogena's ambassador Hayden Panettiere (I wish), the product still didn't live up to it's claims for me. It hasn't helped towards any blemishes I've had or made a real difference in any way to my skin, which is real shame after all it's other plus points. I know the scrub is quite popular so I may give that a go, but after I've finished using this I don't think I would repurchase it. I have enjoyed using this face wash, it is just a shame it didn't work for me. I have some other face washes on my ever expanding wishlist, so I'll be sure to update this when I've moved onto the next one.

Have you tried this product or any of Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Range? xxx

p.s. It was really difficult to get a good picture of this as the bottle and liquid are transparent!
Sunday, 19 August 2012

NOTD: Essie | Cocktail Bling |

If you've been reading this blog for a while or know me personally, then upon looking at this picture you would realise this isn't really a 'me' colour. I'm all about the pinks and bright colours, but recently I've been branching out to nail colours I wouldn't normally reach for (see this other Essie shade). However, I spotted this colour along with an Essie nail fortifying base coat I've been hankering after for a while in a pack for £7.99!!! How could I resist two Essie polishes for that price?? So naturally I had to buy them and tried them out as soon as I got home. 

The brush was large and made for easy application, but I had to layer around 3 thin layers for a good opaque finish. Although this isn't a colour I would see and want to pay full price for, I have to say that this colour is really growing on me, and its always nice to have a variety of colours in your stash! I thought the name for the varnish was a bit odd because 'disco bling' to me makes me think of a bright glittery colour and this is clearly not the case! It's much more of a cement grey, so maybe that would have been a bit more apt. It's not much of a summer colour, so I expect that this will get alot of use in the autumn and winter. But as it is summer at the moment I had to use my current obsession of Model's Own Hed Kandi polish for glitter tips to make the colour a bit more 'me' and summery. I've literally used this glittery with every nail colour I've put on since I bought it! It's just sooo pretty :)

What do you think of this Essie shade? xxx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Review: Maybelline Colour Tattoo

Swatched: L one swipe, R built up colour.

RRP £4.99 at Boots.

Upon seeing a few reviews of Maybelline's new offering for eyes, I decided to pick up a shade to try and decided on '35 - On and On Bronze' as it looked suitable for both day and evening wear and is a colour I would get a lot of use out of. First impressions of this product were great - I like the packaging as it is sturdy but lightweight enough to carry in your bag and I like that you can see the colour through the clear bottom.

This is my first cream eyeshadow that I've tried (although Maybelline say it is a gel-cream) and I was worried about creasing but luckily I havn't experienced this. The formula is highly pigmented and creamy, so a little goes a long way. I love how buildable the colour is, so you could go for a light wash of colour in the day or build it up for a more heavy look. I've tried applying this with both a brush and my fingers, with the latter being my preferred method as you can smudge and blend the colour a lot better. Maybelline state that the product has '24 hours' of wear but I havn't actually worn it for this long so can't vouch for that! I have worn it all day though so around 14 hours and it has stayed put well, although the vibrancy of the colour did fade a little. However, this could easily be fixed though by use of a primer.

I've really enjoyed using this product and it has become a staple in my every day make up as it is quick and easy to use. At around £5 a pop I think they are quite good value as well, even though it looks like you don't get loads of product, like I said a little goes a long way, so the pot should last quite a while. I have heard that some people have had problems with it drying out though - this hasn't happened to me yet so I can't really comment on this.

In regards to the colour range there wasn't much of a selection to be honest, but I did like the look of the bright purple and blue for evening wear as they are lovely and vibrant. Another day time colour I am thinking of trying out is the gold colour as again this is very versatile like the bronze.

Have you tried this latest offering from Maybelline? xxx
Friday, 17 August 2012

Review: Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner

I have been a fan of Soap and Glory for some time now but I havn't branched out much from their bodycare into their make up range. The one make up item I do own is Hocus Focus which I have grown to love and wear nearly every day (review here) so the Supercat Eyeliner is my second step into Soap and Glory Makeup. This wasn't a whimsical purchase as I had just run out of liquid eyeliner and was looking for a suitable replacement. Sorry for the not so great pictures as it was a rather stormy day so couldn't get great lighting :(

On first impressions, I loved the packaging (Soap and Glory always seem to nail this) but the formula of the product let me down. The packaging is sleek and pretty looking, the perfect size to fit in your hand bag and enable easy application to both eyes. I also liked the tapered nib which looks like a felt tip - it is the perfect shape to apply a straight line, whether thick or thin and also great for flicks too.

After all these pros I felt disappointed when the formula came out quite watery, much like a washable felt tip, and I had to put on quite a few layers to quite a black opaque line. However, after 3 or 4 uses I am pleased to say that it has started to come out much darker than on first application, so I think it was just because the product had to saturate the nib a bit more.

Swatched when brand new. Colour has since become darker.
Overall, I really enjoy using this eyeliner, and if you are a novice to liquid eyeliner this would be a good choice for you because of the easy application. This is another great product from Soap and Glory which makes me excited to try out some of their other make up products.

Have you got this eyeliner? If so what did you think? Have you tried any Soap and Glory make up? xxx
Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wishlist Wednesday #3

Owl hooks: I'm really into homeware at the moment, I just don't have the money to indulge in all the things I would love to buy! Urban Outfitters always have a great selection of home stuff which is cute and quirky, so when I was browsing their website I knew there would be lots of stuff I would lust over. This is just one of the things that caught my eye and thought it would be a super cute addition to any home.

Disco Pants: The world and his wife have heard enough about these, and although they are super expensive I can't get over my urge to own a pair! They would be a great investment as you can dress them up or down and they lend themselves to so many different kinds of looks. I have thought about buying dupes but I would rather have the real things. The disco shorts also look amazing!

Naked Rescue Hair Mask: After reading a great review about Naked products on Miss Budget Beauty's blog, it's given me a real urge to try some of them out. What really draws me to them is that they are 97% natural and so would really repair the damage to my hair naturally rather than gloss over them with silicones etc. and all for a great price. I have a variety of shampoos and conditioners that need using up so the thing that interests me the most at the moment is the deep treatment mask.

Origins Clear Improvements Mask: I really love Origins products and want to branch out into trying more of their products. I have a long list, but at the moment this is at the top. I'm always on the hunt for different face masks and these seems to be getting glowing reviews. With its mix of charcoal and clay I think it would be really beneficial to my skin type. I've been looking for the travel size version to act as a tester but nowhere near me seems to be stocking them :(

Bioderma Sebium H20: I've seen a lot about Bioderma and am a fan of the double cleanse so think this will be a great way to take off the majority of my make up before using my Liz Earle. I would get it in the version for oily/combo skin but it seems a bit more difficult to get hold of. I've been wanting to try out water cleansers for a while so thought this hyped up product would be a good place to start.

What do you think of these products on today's wishlist? xxx
Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Review: Palmer's Natural Bronze

Palmer's Natural Bronze RRP £5.35 - currently on offer at Superdrug £3.35

Body care products are one of my favourite sections of beauty and I'm always on the look out to find the next best moisturiser/scrub/shower treat. I have relatively normal skin on my body although my legs, especially my shins, tend to get quite dry so normally look for products that have long lasting moisture.

I've tried a few gradual tanners including a Garnier one which I really liked and Johnson's Holiday Skin, but this was a fair few years ago. As it was summer I thought I would try out another formula and  Palmer's is a brand whose products I enjoy. Plus as it is cheap as chips I figured if I wasn't the biggest fan it wouldn't be a massive waste of money.

I really like the pump packaging as it saves on waste of product and mess as well as making it really easy to apply. I also think that you get a lot of product for your money, however as you can't lock the pump it isn't the best for travel. The formula is really creamy and moisturising yet sinks in really easily meaning no waiting around for it to sink in before you get dressed. The smell is pretty strong and sticks around all day so if you aren't a fan of scent then you probably won't like this. Saying that, I personally love the scent as it smells heavily of chocolate, much more so than the other Palmer's products I think, and Matt likes it too which is always a plus :)

Obviously as it is a moisturiser it is a white lotion but you should definitley wash your hands after applying as the colour develops rather rapidly. You can apply this every day for a deeper colour, or as often as you want depending on your preference for colour intensity. I usually apply this every other day to maintain a natural looking colour. I was really impressed with how much colour this product carries as normally you have to use a lot of product for a few days with gradual tanners to see any kind of glow but after one application you can tell a real difference. I think the colour that develops from this is really natural and not at all orange, but if you are very fair it may be a bit too dark to look natural.

You do need a good exfoliator to get rid of all residue of tan as it won't just wash off like other gradual tanners I've tried. In my opinion this is very much more of a tanning product than a moisturiser - I would describe it as a moisturising fake tan if that makes sense!

Overall, I think this is a great product to maintain a natural or fake tan or for every other day use to build up a natural looking colour. As well as giving a great colour pay off it also nourishes my skin, which is the best of both worlds as nourished skin helps to maintain tan. If you are very fair this may not be the best product for you as it isn't the gradual of tanners but for fair through to darker skin tones I think it would be fine.

Have you tried this product? What do you think? xxx

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