Monday, 22 September 2014

Lipstick Review: MAC | Candy Yum Yum |

Everyone knows I love a good shade of pink. The majority of my lipsticks are made up of this colour but I have to say that this shade has become not only my favourite pink but one of my favourite lip products in my entire make up collection.

'Candy Yum Yum' used to be limited edition but due to its popularity it got its own place within the permanent line up of MAC lipsticks, which is when I got it. It is so different to anything I own and is just so beautiful, although notably difficult to photograph. I would describe the colour as a deep yet almost neon pink that has a definite blue tone running through it which was hard to capture but I urge you to swatch it yourself. It is also long lasting through eating and drinking with wear to only the centre of my mouth but nothing too noticeable. The formula is matte but it is still creamy and non drying. Like all bright colours, especially those that are less hydrating, I would recommend using a good lip scrub before otherwise it will highlight those imperfections. Most people would probably see this as a dramatic evening colour but I enjoy wearing it in the day too to pep up a monochrome outfit with pared down make up on the rest of my face.

I'm not wearing a lip liner in either of this pictures so if you have a recommendation of something that would match it well that would be perfect. Like all MAC prices the lipsticks seem to be rising all the time and they are now priced at £15.50 each. The shade range and quality is fabulous though so I can understand why people are willing to pay the price. You can pick this up at your local MAC store or online.

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? xxx

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Why I'm Totally Not Sorry Summer Is Ending

1. Berry Lips - I'm not one to confine myself to certain colours for each season but there is just something so right about sporting berry vampy lips when it gets colder. I already have quite a few favourites in my stash but I'm sure I'll be adding to the collection with more this year.

2. Hot drinks - tea, chocolate tea, cinamon tea, green tea, hot chocolate, peppermint tea etc.. in other words a hug in a mug!

3. Snuggling up under a blanket while watching a film or a whole series on TV - need I say more.

4. Reading with just the sound of the rain in the background.

5. It's nearly Christmas - it truly is the most wonderful time of year and I LOVE it! From the songs, to the food, to the decorations and just Christmas cheer in general I think the build up is the best bit out about Christmas time. Only 4 months to go! (Don't hate me any grinches out there!)

6. Bubble baths and body butters - During the warmer months I still do both of these but its few and far between. Now it is starting to get colder its somewhat of a ritual to relax in a toasty bath prefrably full of lots of limited edition Lush goodies and then follow up parched skin with a nourishing body butter. Thick body butters and heat = massive fail so I'm looking forward to digging up some goodies in this department.

7. Changing landscapes - crisp air, crunchy orange, yellow and red leaves and frost on the grass are just a few of my favourite changes to nature.

8. Log fires - crackling, roaring, warming goodness, there is no sound more comforting than that of a log fire. Plus you can toast marshmallows and make smores which is even better in my opinion.

9. Comfort food - following on from the smores, Autumn and Winter bring hearty stews, healthy warming soups, stodgy carbs and pies. Maybe not the best food for you but you can switch things up to make certain meals healthier and it doesn't matter too much when you're covered up in jumpers anyway, right?

10. Snuggly jumpers - re number 9. Plus it feels so nice to be warm and comfortable when your face is freezing.

11. Sparkles and glitter - fairy lights, glitter nail polish, sequin dresses... the possibilities are endless. Everyone knows that Autumn/Winter lives for everything glitter.

12. Autumn/Winter candle scents - salted caramel from Yankee Candles is one of my faves and perfect for this time of year plus I still have a few left over from the sale last year.

I know this is all a bit pre-emptive as apparently we are meant to be getting warmer weather again for the next few weeks but this is what I will be looking forward to!

What are your favourite things about Autumn/Winter? Will you miss the summer time? xxx


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