Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Be Right Back!

Over the course of the summer it seems as though I've had so many stops and starts with blogging. Right now is another stop because once again life is getting in the way! I've had a lovely week away in Exeter and enjoyed a break from social media and blogging which is just what I needed. Although I love everything about the internet sometimes it can take over and it's good to realise you don't need to be constantly glued to your phone or laptop (although I enjoyed a little tweet here and there!) Now I am concentrating on the last stretch of revision before my final exams in two weeks, so posting will be few and far between. I hope you all understand but that is an important stage of my life which I need to finish. I can't wait to get back to posting regularly and interacting with everyone again as I really miss it. xxx
Monday, 5 August 2013

NOTD: Tropical Glitter

If you follow me on instagram you might recognise this amazing duo for summer, featuring two of my favourite polishes of the moment.

My Models Own collection is quite substantial now and the large majority of the polishes I own from them are glitter. I think that proves that they are definitely one of the best brands if you are looking for sparkly fingertips. In particular I really like the Hed Kandi range, so when I saw this new one I naturally had to pick it up. 'Sunset Chillout' is unlike any other glitter I own - an array of different shapes and colours of glitter suspended in an easy to apply clear polish. I love that the glitter is really packed into the formula so it applies as an even covering, rather than just giving you one or two pieces per application.

I think it goes really nicely with bright colours - this time I paired it with a neon orange from American Apparel which is another lovely polish (read my review here). What do you think of this combo? Do you have any favourite nail polishes for summer? xxx

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