Friday, 30 November 2012

Review: Revolution Organics Freedom Glow

I’ve been interested in branching out to cream bronzers for a while but have been hesitant due to the oily nature of my skin. However, when this popped through my door in a recent Joliebox it came at the perfect time as my skin has been drier and dehydrated due to the colder weather. I’d never heard of the brand before but the concept of the product intrigued me and I haven’t been disappointed when I got round to using it.

Its appearance is reminiscent to that of the Nars multiple sticks, but I haven’t actually tried this so can’t offer a fair comparison.  It is a good size product which is great for travel, with sturdy and sleek packaging which twists up and down to get more or less product. The colour looked pretty dark in the tube but once blended in properly to the skin it leaves a natural, healthy glow. I’ve been reaching for this on days when I want a bit of colour but don’t want to wear a full face of makeup, for example when I’m feeling under the weather. It’s very moisturising with organic olive, coconut and jojoba oils so I’m not sure this would be that suitable for me in the summer but at the moment it is perfect for the way my skin is behaving. I think this would be best for normal to dry skin types all year round but us oily skinned girls can get away with it in winter time too. This beauty balm also contains aloe vera to condition and smooth – great for sun or wind damaged skin. The product is 100% natural and 85% organic ingredients as well as being free of any nasties such as mineral oil, which is a big plus point for me!

Revolution Organics have described the product as a beauty balm to act as a multitasker to be used anywhere you want some colour - think face, body and lips. This colour would be great for contouring, however I don’t do much of this myself and instead use it for an all over glow. I rub a generous amount on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and then blend it in thoroughly using a stippling brush to give a light even colour. Considering how moisturising the product is the colour pay off is amazing and the pigmentation doesn't disappoint.

You can also purchase this product in the colours: 'Sunkissed' a coral peach and 'Blushed' a pink. It seems to be a Canadian brand but you can find this product on eBay or cutecosmetics (linked above). I've really enjoyed using this product as it gives benefits to my skin while adding subtle warmth and coverage. As my first step into the world of cream bronzers it has been a success and I’m interested in trying out Chanel’s Universal Bronze.

Have you heard of this brand before? What do you think of cream bronzers? xxx
Monday, 26 November 2012

Delights for Dehydrated Skin

A few weeks back, I noticed that no matter how I applied my make up I always ended up looking cakey. Even the most moisturising of my bases were no longer dewy and just weren't sitting right on my skin. I realised that together with being ill, the colder weather and central heating, my skin had become dehydrated. As I have a relatively oily t-zone I would usually shy away from hydrating products, but I have learnt that there is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin. Combating the problem of dehydration can also help to balance out oilyness which is a plus point for me! I had a few products already in my arsenal but picked up a couple more to get me through the colder seasons.

For cleansing, Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish is a great natural choice for all skin types to take off make up and cleanse skin with a creamy formula including cocoa butter to nourish skin. The two part system keeps skin soft and radiant - this is my second bottle and will definitely always have a spare in my stocks. Advanced Night Repair is my serum of choice as it delivers hydration yet sinks in quickly and easily. It has quickly become a holy grail product for me and I alternate it every other night.

Over the top of my serum is a new purchase. My first product from Neals Yard (after hearing Hannah rave about them!) is the Frankincense Hydrating Cream, which I use as my night cream. It is rich and takes a little while to sink but a little goes a long way and I've been impressed so far. For a lighter alternative or as a day cream, I've been using a little pot of Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief which I was previously using over the Summer. As it is a gel like consistency it is light yet hydrating and leaves skin smooth and primed for make up.

For an intense boost once a week or so I bought Origins Drink Up Intensive mask - I tried the original formula before and enjoyed it but thought this one would really suit me for winter. It smells amazing and again a little goes a long way. Finally, for my eyes is another new purchase, however this one is more purse friendly! Boots Vitamin E eye cream is my first eye cream in ages and I have been using this morning and night to help my concealer sit better under my eyes. Not the most amazing of creams but definitely not the worst.

That's my round up of what I've been using to treat my skin recently, what products would you suggest for this time of year? xxx
Friday, 23 November 2012

NOTD: Essie | Carry On |

At the moment, I am obsessed with all shades of berry, burgundy and deep purples. I know they are a bit of a cliche for this time of year, but for some reason this time around I've been loving these kind of colours. I usually go for bright shades on my nails but 'Carry On' has quickly made it's way into my favourites. This bottle is from the original range, not the drugstore diffusion lines so has a different brush and slightly different design. This shade looked great with just one application, but I chose to do another out of habit and to make sure it was completely opaque. As you can see it's a lovely deep, reddy purple which I think will go with a lot of outfits this season. I also think this is a great colour to layer up different types of glitter to make it more special for the party season and get a lot of different looks out of it.

The wear time on it was pretty impressive too - I had up to 4 days of no tip wear or anything! As the colour is dark I would recommend a good base coat to stop it from staining your nails. I used Essie's protein base coat with a cheap maybelline top coat over the top (note to self: buy Seche Vitte!) It's also a bit tricky to apply dark shades perfectly but I tried my best!

You may have noticed that I havn't put a price or where you can buy this polish like I normally do with products I review, but that is because it wasn't part of the diffusion range which is cheaper (I think) in Boots or Superdrug and I'm not sure if you can get this colour in department stores such as John Lewis which do stock the original Essie. I think it very much depends where you get yours from as to the price (Essie is available online too), but I got mine in a set of 3 at TK Maxx for around £12 which is a barry bargain! 

What do you think of this nail colour? What are your favourite Autumn/Winter nail shades? xxx
Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lifestyle: The Little Things #1

This is the first post I've done of this type but considering I've been quite absent from my blog and it is a lifestyle blog as well as for beauty, I thought I would write a little life update. I've been super busy with loads on my plate so I'm really looking forward to Christmas (although it will be full of dissertation work) to relax a little in a warm, cosy house and spend some quality time with family and friends. So what have I been up to?

001. Firstly, I've had so much uni work piled on top of me and have quite a few essay deadlines to meet. It makes it difficult to keep in touch with friends away from Uni and have a social life, but I've been trying to make an extra effort - half hour phone call with a friend can really help you to feel less stressed.

002. I've also been busy applying for a PGCE for primary education which has been hanging over my head for a while. I've wanted to be a teacher for so long so although I know teaching is becoming very competitive to get into I'm hoping it will work out as it is something I'm really passionate about.

003. Christmas! I've desperately been trying to think of gifts to get everyone and make sure I have enough of my budget to make sure everyone gets something lovely which they deserve. I've got some general ideas so I just need to stop putting off buying things and just do it as it will be a weight off my shoulders! I'm thinking of doing some crafty, home made gifts too which I will be sure to post about nearer the time.

004. Matt's move to London. You might remember he started a brand new job a few months back, which is his first ever full time job. He did so well to get it and has been working really hard, but has had nowhere proper to live and sort his things out. He has finally sorted out a flat so we spent the whole weekend down in Exeter collecting his things and spending time with his family then back up to London to move in and go on a big trip to TK Maxx and Ikea (which is incredible!) It was a super busy weekend but was definitely work it :)

005. Finally, I got my hair done! Matt's Mum is a hairdresser and she re-did my highlights for me and chopped off a good couple of inches. My hair was quite long but it really needed a cut as I hadn't in a while. I really like the out come although it is weird getting used to the length!

Although I feel like there has been lots of stresses in my life at the moment, I thought I'd make a list of the things that I'm really grateful for at the moment as its easy to forget the small things:

* Handwritten letters from my Grandma and Granddad through the post.
* Hot drinks on cold, rainy days.
* Hot water bottles!
* Scented Christmas candles.
* Surprise flowers delivered to my door.
* A great group of friends I've known for years.
* The opportunity to go to Uni and make new memories with fantastic people (and also meet Matt!)
* Wrapping up warm in scarfs and ear muffs.
* Sing alongs in the car with Matt.
* Every page view, comment and follower I get on my blog.
* An advent calender from Matt's mum.

I really enjoyed writing this post and it has helped me put things into perspective! What have you been up to recently? What are you grateful for today? xxx
Thursday, 15 November 2012

Review: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you will all recognise the iconic brown bottle and pipette which represent Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. It's won numerous beauty awards and is a coveted holy grail product for many, across all ages. I'd seen a number of reviews of this, most notably from Kate who has the same skin type as me who claimed it really helped to sort out her skin 'complaints'. It had been at the top of my wishlist for a while as I knew I would love to try it but as it is rather pricey it would be a rare  chance that I could afford to buy it myself (I am a student after all.)

Luckily, I got gifted it as a surprise by my super generous boyfriend. I was literally so shocked but happy at the same time! This is the first serum I've tried and after using it for around 2 months now, I can understand why it is such a well loved product. Estée Lauder is a luxury, high end brand and I really feel that the packaging and product inside is a representation of that. The medicinal smelling liquid is housed in a brown glass bottle, with a pipette inside making for easy application of the serum. It is quite a novel feature but one which works well. If you are concerned with the smell, it disappears after the serum melts into your skin. You only need a few drops for your face and I find it sinks in immediately.

When I first started using this it was every night, but now I use it every other night under my night cream. Although it is most known for anti ageing, it also great for "younger, smoother, and more radiant and healthy skin" - all great things that my skin type needs help with (bar the younger part). By using "Chronolux" technology the serum helps to "reduce the apperance of past damage" and addresses "environmental assualts" (e.g. UV light, smoke and polution) before they do permenant damage, and also delivers "essential hydration." I can't vouch for the anti ageing but my skin has definitely improved from using this. It is more even toned, plumper, more hydrated, and more radiant. It works wonders especially after a heavy night - the morning after the night before Matt said, and I quote, that my skin looked "radiant". I think that says a lot!

I know skin care is very subjective but if you have the money to spare I would seriously consider investing in this bottle - it may not look like much but I've been using it for two months and it looks like I havn't even used it, so should last such a long time. It would be a great present to give or receive and is one of the best products I have in my routine. This is most definitely a holy grail product for me.

Have you tried this serum? What else would you recommend from Estée Lauder? xxx
Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wishlist Wednesday #7

It's that time again! Going through my wishlist to make these posts is so hard as there is so much... first world problems eh? I'm looking forward to buying presents for my loved ones this Christmas though as I think the gift of giving is just as great as receiving, and I have a few ideas up my sleeves! I'm thinking of making some handmade things too, so will hopefully be able to pop up some posts when I've completed them.

001. MAC MSF in 'Whisper of Gilt': Even though I've just purchased 2 new MAC highlighters, this latest offering from the Glamour Daze holiday collection is just too beautiful to not have! The colour looks amazing and the actual product is sooo pretty.

002. Leighton Exposed Zip Dress: I've never purchased anything from Dolly Bow Bow (yet) but the pieces there are gorgeous and girly at a great price. Lace is timeless and I wish I had more of it in my wardrobe - I thought this dress would be lovely on a summer's day or in the winter with some thick black tights.

003. Philosophy Coconut Frosting Bath: This is a shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath all in one but I would just use it as a shower gel. I love the brand and think their packaging is unique with the recipes on the front. I also like the range of scents they offer. Although they are typically a bit pricey for a shower gel I think they are a lovely treat to have in your shower or as a gift for someone else (their themed gift sets are great).

004. Toni and Guy Protein Spray: I've been after a protein spray for a while as my hair can break very easily and this would be great to strengthen it. I wasn't particularly fussy over which brand as I don't know a lot about protein sprays but thought this would be a good place to start.

005. Vo5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir: The in shower oil from Vo5 is amazing and I will always repurchase it so I thought it would be interesting to try this out. I felt a bit let down by my Macadamia but have heard great things about this so am interested to try it. The packaging also looks really handy as it is a pipette which is quite novel.

Have you started your Christmas list yet? Have you tried any of these things? xxx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review: MAC MSF in 'Lightscapade'

MAC are a massive name in the beauty world but I don't actually own that many MAC products myself! Although there are quite a few on my wishlist to rectify this haha :) I've been after some new highlighters and when I spotted this on a trip to Bicester Village with Matt I knew I had to get it as I had been lusting after a MAC highlight, it was the perfect highlight for autumn/winter and was available at a discount! This product claims to be 'a luxurious velvet soft powder with high-frost metallic finish' which can be used as a highlight anywhere you like. You can buy these at any MAC stores, online or counters in Selfridges or Debenhams. I got mine at Bicester Village so therefore it was at a discount price, although I can't remember exactly how much!

You get a lot of product in the pan and I've heard that they last for absolutely ages, which I can already see as I've used it nearly every day for the past few weeks and it looks like I havn't touched it! It is a pearly cool toned highlight with veins of blue running throughout which gives a gorgeous natural glow to the tops of cheekbones and brow bones. The finely milled nature of the product allows it to blend naturally into the skin and you can easily build it up for a more night time look. The packaging is sturdy, pretty and practical - everything you want in a make up product as it makes it great for travel.

I've been really impressed with this and it has become one of my favourite make up items I own. I think the product is beautiful both in the packaging and on the skin. I also received 'soft and gentle' from my mum which I had been wanting for AGES as she bought it in America so will be sure to do a full review on that soon. I am also really lusting after 'whisper of gilt' from their new glamour daze holiday collection which is just beautiful too!

What do you think of 'lightscapade'? Do you have any MAC recommendations for me? xxx
Monday, 12 November 2012

OOTD: Twenty Two

It was my friend's 22nd birthday the other week and we celebrated by going out clubbing in Birmingham. The club we went to is more 'upmarket' than the other student clubs and so they expect you to dress smarter, otherwise you won't be let in. I quite like this as it gives me the opportunity to wear some of my many dresses that I never seem to get much use out of and made her night feel a bit more special. The pictures shown are all from after the night so that's why I don't look my best haha. Also excuse the hideous carpet of my uni house!

What I wore:
* White peplum dress from Topshop
* Stud shoes from New Look
* Diamond stud earrings from H&M

I chose to wear a peplum dress I bought in Topshop over the summer, which I hadn't got the chance to wear yet. I think this dress is so lovely for smart occasions, for both day and evening. As well as the peplum I really like the lower back of the dress too. I bought it in black with a flower pattern on too as I just couldn't decide and think the design is gorgeous! I teamed it with some new heels I got in New Look which are just amazing!! I absolutely love them and they are just so me! They're not as high as some of my others but they support your feet really well making them more comfortable than some of my other platforms. New Look is so amazing for shoes, I always find loads I like! For accessories I just to go with some simple studs so I didn't over power the rest of the outfit.

For my hair I did the same style as in this outfit post to dress up the outfit more, and I find having my hair pinned up showed off the back of the dress and allowed me to be a bit cooler in a hot club! For my make up I followed a tutorial by pixiwoo which I thought was gorgeous, although I substituted a lot of the stuff  used for similiar things I had in my own make up bag. I already had collection glitter eyeliners, but had never though of using them as eyeshadows! 

What do you think of this outfit? xxx
Saturday, 10 November 2012

Review: Garnier 7 Days Intensive Moisturisers

This post may seem a bit late as these launched in the Summer, but I've just repurchased another bottle so thought it would be an apt time to give my thoughts on them. You can normally get these on offer if you shop around and I think they are great value for money, especially as there are a large range of scents and key ingredients for different skin types.

I try to moisturise every day although I know a lot of people don't due to time issues or laziness! These are great for those who don't want to have to apply every day as they leave your skin soft and moisturised for a good few days - I'm not sure I would say a whole 7 days but definitely the better part of a week. I really like the smell of both of these and I have my eye on the honey scent too. I've just finished the mango one which was featured in a recent empties post, and I used this over summer - it lasted a long time and was great nourishment for sunburnt/tanned skin and the product had a thin consistency so sunk in quickly. I also featured it in my Holiday Heroes post. The Shea butter version is definitely thicker in consistency which I think suits my winter skin type, so takes a little while longer to sink into my skin but it is still really quick compared to other moisturisers and body butters. 

I really recommend these as they are a bargainous price and offer the moisture of a body butter that skin abused by winter needs, while taking away the fuss and time consuming nature of every day moisturising.

Have you given any of these ago? What is your favourite in the range? xxx
Friday, 9 November 2012

The Poorly Face

Recently I've been under the weather like most people around this time of year and so havn't been up to putting on a full face of make up. However, when illness strikes I like to use more subtle make up to make me look a little less sick, which in turn makes me feel a bit better.

To start off I apply Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in 'bronzed' all over my face and blend in well with a stippling brush. This gives a healthy, natural glow which contains moisturising oils such as coconut and jojoba, and aloe vera to sooth and condition, perfect for dehydrated skin and dry areas such as round the nose. I then applied Benefit's Erase Paste in 1 and Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection  in 1 to cover up any other redness and dark circles. To perk up  my complexion a little more, I blended some Hocus Focus by Soap and Glory onto my cheek bones and places that would naturally catch the light.

For my eyes I used a tiny bit of the new Rimmel Scandal Eyes waterproof kohl liner in 'Nude' on my water line to brighten them up and defined my brows with a little of a Rimmel eyebrow pencil in 'Hazel'. I didn't tend to wear mascara but on the days when I felt it was needed, a few coats of L'Oreal Million Lashes was suffice.  Lastly, I lightly lined my lips in the perfect shade for my natural lip colour - 'Eastend Snob', another Rimmel product, this time their Exaggerate Full Colour lip liner. I then blended this all over my lips to give them some natural definition.

What make up do you wear when feeling under the weather? xxx
Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Review: FashionistA Blush Palette

L-R: (top) Juicy Apricot - Blushing Coral // (bottom) London - Rose Shine

L-R: Blushing Coral - Juicy Apricot

L-R: London - Rose Shine

£5 for the Palette // Blush £4 each

I love the idea of creating my own palette and the choice of a red or black one from FashionistA seemed a great place to start. I already have a number of eyeshadow palettes and because of my love affair with blushers recently I thought the best quad to get would be full of some new blushers, although you can mix and match with bronzers, blushers and eyeshadows. You can buy the shades individually or buy a palette and 4 shades to fill it at a discount price (I think around £10-15 for all of them together).

I chose the colour red as it is a bit different and looks quite smart. The actual quad is very sturdy and sleek with a large mirror making it perfect for on the go. The individual blushes come in sleek black containers which you can use individually or pop them out to fit into your palette. I chose the colours Juicy Apricot, Rose Shine, London and Blushing Coral.

All the blushes I chose are very pigmented so a light hand is needed but this pigmentation also means a little goes a long way and therefore the product will last longer. They are also prone to fall out but this didn't bother me too much. I found each shade very long wearing, although I never really have a problem with blushes fading in the first place.

I think my favourite out of the blushes have to be the two peachier shades as I didn't have anything similar in my collection before. Juicy Apricot is a bright peachy shade with gold flecks in it but these don't translate onto the skin like a disco ball, instead it just gives a lovely glow. London is the prettiest out of them all consisting of a shimmering peachy base with veins of pink running through. Both of these have been reached for a lot on days when I want to perk up my complexion in a not so obvious way. Blushing Coral is a very dark pink which I reach for more on nights out as it is quite a bright colour. As you can see from the pictures I managed to make a big dent in it with my nail before I'd even used it when putting it into the palette - so annoying!  This blush is very easy to over apply due to being so pigmented, however a light dusting along the cheek bones can really pull a look together. Lastly is Rose Shine, which I wore in a recent outfit post. It gives a lovely soft pink matte glow to your cheeks which would look really pretty on the apples as well as cheek bones and gives a wind bitten flush to your face.

I think this quad is great value for beginners to fill up with what they would like to experiment with. It is great for travel and versatile due to being suitable for eye shadows, bronzers and blushes and the fact you can switch the items in the palette and replace with new ones depending on your mood or the occasion. The quality of the blushes are great considering how cheap they are and I recommend you all pop down to Superdrug and give them a go! 

What would you fill up your quad with? Do you have any other recommendations for do it yourself palettes? xxx
Monday, 5 November 2012

All Used Up #3

As you can see, this time around I have loads of empties! I've been really pleased with myself using up my odds and sods so I can kind of justify spending money on new things :) I best get on with it otherwise this post is going to be ridiculously long!

Garnier Body Intensive 7 day Moisturiser in Mango: This version is for dry skin, which I suffer from especially on my legs. I really enjoyed using this as it is lightweight but still nourishing. I used this a lot over the summer and have just repurchased a bottle in the Shea butter version for extra dry skin for the upcoming cold months. They are normally on offer too which is a plus.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush: Love Batiste and couldn't live without dry shampoo, there is always one in my stocks!

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Enhancing Conditioner: Hair care products always seem to last me an age so I was pleased to finally use this up. It's nice enough but I didn't see a massive difference to my hair or highlights so probably wouldn't repurchase.

Radox Moisture Shower Therapy: I normally get shower gels when they are on offer in the supermarket just like this one. I've tried it before and liked it as it has a nice scent and helps to moisturise my skin. It's not the most luxurious of shower gels but it does the job so I would repurchase.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Asia Straight Shampoo: The packaging is lovely and the actual product is quite nice too. I never notice a massive difference with straightening shampoos so I wouldn't repurchase this but other bits from the range such as the Gliss Liquid Silk Gloss range are really good for a great price. You can normally pick this up for a bargain at home bargains too.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish: I wax lyrical about this all the time - it is amazing and a definite repurchase! I used this bottle up quite a while ago but have already got another bottle on the go. Read my detailed review here.

Garnier Ultra Dry Mineral Deodorant: This had a great smell, did the job and I liked the packaging. Not much more to say about a deodorant apart from I would repurchase.

Rimmel Perfect Match Foundation: The first make up product I've used up in a long time! I really enjoyed this foundation and think it is perfect for long days as it stays put and gives a lovely finish so perfect for nights out or a meal. I would say it is medium to full coverage with a satin like finish. A definite repurchase.

Clinique Take the Day Off Make up remover (travel size): A little of this goes a long way and it is one of the most effective eye make up removers I've used. The only downside is the oily residue, however I would still repurchase. 

Origins Clear Improvements Mask: Origins is such an amazing brand and I can't fault any of their products that I've tried. This mask really did the job of decongesting my skin as well as helping to mattify it. It may be pricey but this is definitely on my shopping list.

Origins Drink Up Mask (sample): The smell of this is amazing and it hydrated my skin really well. I just purchased the Drink Up Intensive mask for winter and am loving it so far. I recommend this to everyone.

Nivea Daily Essentials Cleansing Wipes: I use wipes to take off the excess of my make up before cleansing, not as an actual way to clean my face. These were good at getting off a lot of the excess and stayed wet for ages which can sometimes be a let down with other wipes. I've moved onto cleansing waters now but these were good as far as wipes go.

I love... Mango Face Mask: I received this in a Joliebox and thought it would be great to hydrate my skin due to being 'moisturising and reviving'. It is a peel off mask which I think is always a fun novelty and was looking forward to using it. However, it was ridiculously gloopy and stringy so was really hard to apply and once it was time to  peel it off it really hurt (like pulling off a plaster) and made my face sting after. I absolutely hated this and it made the fun and relaxing treat of a face mask into a nightmare.

Vo5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir: I've been using Hot Oils for years so when the in shower version came out I was sold! This is used as a pre-shampoo treatment and always leaves my hair nourished and soft. It is one of my favourite hair oils and as it is relatively cheap too I recommend for everyone to try it. The only downside is the application is a bit tricky.

I tried to be short and sweet with all the items so hopefully it wasn't too long for you to read! Have you tried any of these products? What products have you used up recently? xxx
Sunday, 4 November 2012

October Favourites

Once again the lighting is horrendous and I'm struggling to take any decent photos for upcoming posts! On the plus side the festive season is creeping up on us and I bloody love it! I love everything about Autumn and Winter and am so excited to get ready for Christmas. The only downside is the ridiculous amount of work and deadlines I have for Uni around this time of year :( Now lets get on with this month's favourites...

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl in 'Nude': A budget dupe for Mac's Chromographic pencil, this perks up my eyes when applied to the waterline. I've used it nearly every single day and it helps to make me look more awake on cold mornings.

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes in 'Extra Black': This makes my lashes look so nice with just one coat and gives a really natural looking definition and volume. I like to use it by itself when I'm having a 'no makeup' makeup day.

Lip butter in 'Raspberry Pie' and Topshop's 'Brighton Rock': Both these colours have been on my lips pretty much all month as I love bright lips at the moment and think that 'Raspberry pie' especially is a lovely colour for Autumn. You can see reviews for both here and here.

Christmas candles: I have quite a few more than the one pictured to represent them all. I love the smell of Autumn/Christmas candles and they have really got me into the festive spirit :)

Aussie Dual Personality Curl and Shine mousse: This is a new purchase of mine and I love it. My hair has a natural wave and this mousse boosts and holds this wave for longer. Unlike other curling mousses it doesn't leave your hair crunchy but instead leaves it lovely and soft. Expect a full review of this soon.

St Moriz Fake Tan Mousse: A different type of mousse now, this time for my body! I don't tend to fake tan on a daily basis but this is great for nights out. I prefer this type of formulation as it is easy to blend and the product leaves a lovely natural tan - I've never looked streaky or orange when I've used this.

Glitter nail varnishes: This is just a few from my collection that I've been wearing recently and loving. I like to layer them on top of other base colours to inject some sparkle into the darker days. Plus I just love glitter!

What do you think of my favourites? What are your favourites this month? xxx
Friday, 2 November 2012

Added Extras #1

(Sorry for the not so great picture!)

Since coming home for reading week I've come down with a nasty cold which I've been trying to keep at bay for weeks and just feel generally rubbish. I think the stress of third year is getting to me so I've been trying to chill out as much as possible. One of the best things about being at home is having my own bathroom and having a bath every evening, especially as the weather gets colder. Therefore, I've been taking the time to use this to my full advantage and treat myself a little to make me feel better. These products are something that I don't use every day and are therefore little 'added extras' when I want a bit of a pamper. 

I bought a few lush bath bits before coming back to treat myself and I've been enjoying using the Sunnyside bubble bar to make my bath time a bit more special and luxurious. At the moment the weather and my illness has made my skin look pretty crap - dull and dehydrated with a few blemishes to top it all off (you can tell I'm the picture of health...) so I've been adding some masks into my nighttime skin care routine to combat some of these problems. I began with the fab pore by Soap and Glory to give a deep clean and help reduce my pores, but the jury is still out on this one and I'm not sure if it lives up to my Origins Clear Improvements. I followed this up with Origins Out of Trouble mask which is great for calming down blemishes and leaves my skin lovely and smooth. I've run out of my Drink Up sample though to complete this 'triple threat facial' so will be purchasing this asap to rectify the dehydration issue. For my body I used my favourite scrub of the moment which is Soap and Glory's Flake Away which smells amazing and leaves my skin nourished and radiant.

Once out of the tub I completed my skin care routine and added my serum of choice - Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair into the mix. I received this as an extremely generous surprise present from Matt and boy am I glad! It evens out my skintone and injects radiance and moisture back into my skin. I then slathered on some of the Body Shop's Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion before popping on some socks to put some moisture back into my feet. For the last step my nails got treated to O.P.I's 'Play The Peonies' with a layer of 'Disco Heaven' by Model's Own to inject a little winter sparkle.

What are your added extras for autumn? Do you have any product suggestions for dehydrated skin? xxx

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