Saturday, 10 November 2012

Review: Garnier 7 Days Intensive Moisturisers

This post may seem a bit late as these launched in the Summer, but I've just repurchased another bottle so thought it would be an apt time to give my thoughts on them. You can normally get these on offer if you shop around and I think they are great value for money, especially as there are a large range of scents and key ingredients for different skin types.

I try to moisturise every day although I know a lot of people don't due to time issues or laziness! These are great for those who don't want to have to apply every day as they leave your skin soft and moisturised for a good few days - I'm not sure I would say a whole 7 days but definitely the better part of a week. I really like the smell of both of these and I have my eye on the honey scent too. I've just finished the mango one which was featured in a recent empties post, and I used this over summer - it lasted a long time and was great nourishment for sunburnt/tanned skin and the product had a thin consistency so sunk in quickly. I also featured it in my Holiday Heroes post. The Shea butter version is definitely thicker in consistency which I think suits my winter skin type, so takes a little while longer to sink into my skin but it is still really quick compared to other moisturisers and body butters. 

I really recommend these as they are a bargainous price and offer the moisture of a body butter that skin abused by winter needs, while taking away the fuss and time consuming nature of every day moisturising.

Have you given any of these ago? What is your favourite in the range? xxx


  1. Ooh these sound lovely! I tend to only moisturise after baths/showers so almost every day. Although I only really do my legs as they feel so dry and tight! I love it when a moisturiser leaves skin super soft and smells good- usually get Palmers cocoa butter but it can be pretty expensive, these sound worth a try! xx

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    1. My legs are always the driest part of my body too. I really like Palmers cocoa butter - the gradual tanner is a great buy xx


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