Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #8

I haven't done one of these posts in so long so I thought I would revive the series as I really enjoy lusting over everything from make up to home ware and its also cool to look back at previous posts and see what I decided to actually buy.

This week's post was definitely influenced by a recent trip to Urban Outfitters but some of the other things I've been wanting for a while.

1. Origins, By All Greens Facemask - £32: A foaming and deep cleansing mask containing green tea, spirulina and spinach, the latest mask launch from the brand has me so excited! It will come as no surprise that I adore every mask I've used from Origins so I can't wait to try this one, especially as the texture and application is different to what they have released already.

2. Urban Outfitters, Kitty Tea Mug - £12: Not much to say about this apart from I am a crazy cat mum and I have a weird thing for collecting mugs so this is perfect for me. This will be great for my daily cups of tea and coffee in the office.

3. Fleur de Force, Lipgloss in Starry Starry Night - £6.99: Fleur is one of my favourite youtubers as she is honest, hardworking and her content is always top quality. Out of all the youtuber launches this is the only beauty launch that I feel will be good quality. I love the shade range and from seeing swatches online they look highly pigmented. Starry Starry Night is such a 'me' colour so I would like to start there!

4. Urban Outfitters, Icing Sugar Wand - £10: Such an unnecessary luxury but just look how cute it is!! Baking is one of my favourite past times and this will make it even more fun to dust icing sugar over cakes and other bakes.

5. Caudalie, Beauty Elixir - £32: A cult blogger product, I kind of missed the hype on this one. However, as my skin has been changing over the last few years I think it could really benefit from this. I'd love to try this in place of my other toners once they have run out to help calm and hydrate my skin.

What is on your current wishlist? xxx

Monday, 28 March 2016

Review: Clarins | Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in '01 Honey' |

When these were launched, it was one of those products which went right to the top of my lust list. As you probably know, Clarins is one of my all time favourite high end brands for both make up and skin care. I had just run out of my previous favourite night time lip balm (Nuxe Reve de Miel) and thought this would make a good replacement.

First off, I wouldn't use this during the day as it is not something you can layer other lip products over the top of. Instead the blurb suggests using it over lipstick as a sort of gloss. It has a very thick, almost gel like cushioned texture, and does sit on top of the lips rather than sinking straight in. This is good for when your lips are really sore as it gives them a soft, protective layer. 

The applicator is large and soft, which makes application easy but I would be sparing with the amount you put on. Although the oil is the colour and consistency of honey, the taste and smell is more floral and there is no colour pay off on the lips. Key ingredients included are Hazelnut Oil to plump and soften, Jojoba Oil to nourish and add sheen to your lips and finally Mirabelle Oil to prevent dehydration. I tend to use this in the evening before bed, to protect and nourish my lips over night ready for the next day.

For a lip product, it is very expensive and a luxury product to have in your skin care kit. However, I really enjoy using this every evening and next on my list is the Raspberry version!

What is your favourite lip balm? xxx

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Review: L'Oreal | EverPure No Sulphates | Shampoo & Conditioner |

It takes me ages to use up shampoo & conditioner, so when I get the opportunity to try a new one I get really excited to choose something new. I was going to buy something expensive to treat myself, but on a whim I picked up this super affordable duo in Superdrug, as I adore the mask from the range.

I've rarely found a shampoo that cleans my hair without stripping it, but the Dazzling Colour and Moisture Shampoo is fantastic at cleansing properly while still nourishing every strand. The formula is quite thick, so I was worried it would weigh my hair down or cause it to become greasy more quickly, but this hasn't been an issue. In fact, my hair feels lightweight and lifted, while still moisturised. The conditioner is also a thick creamy consistency, enriched with rosemary and mint oils, which I apply from the mid lengths through to the end. It helps to detangle easily, and leaves hair soft and manageable. These are great at reviving old colour too and both products also have the same soft spa like scent as the mask that I adore. 

These encompass everything I look for in a shampoo & conditioner - colour protection, moisture and body. The range has most definitely won me round to sulphate free haircare and I would highly recommend for all hair types. 

Have you tried any sulphate free hair products? xxx


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