Thursday, 31 December 2015

Review: Rimmel | Fix & Perfect Primer |

If you watched this video, you may remember my first thoughts on this primer were pretty so so. In fact, normally I am not a fan of primers at all, and view them as an unnecessary extra step and layer to my make up routine on a day to day basis.

However, due to Autumn turning quickly into Winter weather-wise, central heating and pollution amongst the usual culprits, I've noticed a definite change to my skin in terms of hydration and therefore how make up sits on my skin. Having combination skin that is also dehydrated is a difficult thing to tackle. Make up started to settle in weird places, and look dry and cakey, so as well as tackling this with skincare, I decided to pull out the Rimmel Fix & Protect primer as it is much more smoothing and moisturising than other primers I have. 

Turns out this was an excellent choice as it has made such a difference not only to the look and feel of my make up but also its longevity. The reasons I love it now are why I didn't like it before funnily enough, but I guess that is because my skin is a lot different to in the summertime.

 This is very smoothing with a silicone like texture and definitely feels hydrating, yet not greasy (just). I don't see much difference worn alone, but all my foundations have looked instantly better when applied on top. Even my most matte of foundations are looking more skin like and glowy than cakey and dry. Not only does it help bases to not settle in pores or weird lines, it locks make up into place for a full working day, and gives my base a more airbrushed and even appearance.

In terms of oil control, I wouldn't say it aids in anyway, but at the same time it doesn't make me any more greasy which is a win. I've totally changed my mind on this product and would urge you to try it for yourself as it is a bargain at £6.99 at Boots.

Are you for or against primers? xxx

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Video: Current Favourites: Beauty & Fashion!

Today's post is my new video! I decided to film a current favourites/super early December favourites after accumulating quite a few products and items I was enjoying. Let me know if you love any of these products and what your favourite things of the moment are too. There is a mix of skincare, make up, lifestyle and fashion this time.

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