Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lush: Secret Santa | Bath bomb |

So I know it is summer and this is technically a product from Christmas but it has been ages since I have used a bath bomb from Lush and as I've had this one since my birthday in January it was high time I used it. Is anyone else really reluctant to use their bath bombs too? I always feel like I have to save them for a special occasion and end up leaving them for ages. 

Anyway, look how huge it is!! Annoyingly I discovered afterwards you can split this for two baths by banging it really hard on a flat surface. Apparently the design of it is based on the first ever Lush store in Poole, Dorset and the scent is their new perfume '29 High Street', which you can only buy in their flagship store. Because of it's size it takes a while to dissolve but leaves a beautiful deep orange and silver flecked water behind with a lovely scent of jasmine, lime, tonka and sicilian lemon which lingers not only in your bathroom but on your skin for a long time. In fact when I wandered into different rooms in my house the scent went with me haha.

Like all the Lush bath bombs I've tried this was a really lovely treat and as  I still have a few other bombs to use up, hopefully I will get through them and pop up some new reviews for you soon. Hopefully they will bring this out again near Christmas time so you can try it out too!

What is your favourite Lush bath bomb? xxx
Monday, 23 June 2014

A Trip to the Seaside | Brighton Vlog |

On Saturday Matt and I decided to have a day out in Brighton on the beach. Now that we have moved we are quite close and as the weather was beautiful it was the perfect day to go. We thought it would be nice to combine seeing his brother and his girlfriend at the same time as they live just down the road from Brighton too. Most of the day was spent chatting and catching up on the beach, but we also had a walk down the boulevard and along the pier then down lots of side streets where we explored the shops. I ended up getting very burnt as there was a breeze I didn't realise how hot the sun was :( We had such a great day though and I'm really pleased we vlogged it as we now have a record of what we did. I hope you like the vlog as it is my first attempt and I have never edited on my phone or used iMovie either (I have the app on my iPhone). Let me know what you think and please like the video and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed it.

Do you have any suggestions of good places to visit/eat in Brighton? xxx

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