Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review: MAC MSF in 'Lightscapade'

MAC are a massive name in the beauty world but I don't actually own that many MAC products myself! Although there are quite a few on my wishlist to rectify this haha :) I've been after some new highlighters and when I spotted this on a trip to Bicester Village with Matt I knew I had to get it as I had been lusting after a MAC highlight, it was the perfect highlight for autumn/winter and was available at a discount! This product claims to be 'a luxurious velvet soft powder with high-frost metallic finish' which can be used as a highlight anywhere you like. You can buy these at any MAC stores, online or counters in Selfridges or Debenhams. I got mine at Bicester Village so therefore it was at a discount price, although I can't remember exactly how much!

You get a lot of product in the pan and I've heard that they last for absolutely ages, which I can already see as I've used it nearly every day for the past few weeks and it looks like I havn't touched it! It is a pearly cool toned highlight with veins of blue running throughout which gives a gorgeous natural glow to the tops of cheekbones and brow bones. The finely milled nature of the product allows it to blend naturally into the skin and you can easily build it up for a more night time look. The packaging is sturdy, pretty and practical - everything you want in a make up product as it makes it great for travel.

I've been really impressed with this and it has become one of my favourite make up items I own. I think the product is beautiful both in the packaging and on the skin. I also received 'soft and gentle' from my mum which I had been wanting for AGES as she bought it in America so will be sure to do a full review on that soon. I am also really lusting after 'whisper of gilt' from their new glamour daze holiday collection which is just beautiful too!

What do you think of 'lightscapade'? Do you have any MAC recommendations for me? xxx


  1. I've had my eye on this for a while it looks beautiful. I'm a bit torn between this and Soft and Gentle, might have to go into Mac and swatch them side by side :) Great review x

    1. I really wanted Soft and Gentle originally (which I still love) but I would say I'm pleased to have both as they are very different shades. I will be putting up a review of it soon if you want to have a look at the swatches. Thanks :) x


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