Sunday, 26 August 2012

Review: 17 Miracle Matte Foundation

£5.99 at Boots

A few months ago I purchased a few bits in a blog sale and this foundation was one of them. It caught my eye due to being oil free and has added SPF. I also picked up the 'Stay Matte' powder prior to this in duty free and liked it so was influenced by this to test out the foundation to see if I liked it as much.

I used this on nearly a daily basis when I first received it, replacing my beloved Dream Matte Mousse for a while. Although I still love the latter, this gives  more coverage (medium, buffed to full) but still with a natural finish and is more suited to my summer skin tone (I have the shade 'fair'). As you probably already know, this summer I have favoured BB creams over foundations for the more natural glowy look, but on days where I want a bit more coverage or am having a bit of an oily day, I find myself reaching for this. I have tried this foundation both with and without a primer and it has lasted a really good amount of time with both, although it is definitely not '16 hours' like it states. The only place I have had to touch up is my chin.  I don't think I will ever have 'matte' skin but this does a lot to help that problem. I do find myself having to give a light dusting of powder but this is only in late afternoon after I've been wearing it all day.

The packaging may not be as luxurious than high end brands but it is practical and it's pink (thumbs up from me) with a clear body so you can see how much you've got left, so it doesn't really annoy me. I also like that it has a pump to dispense the right amount of product without being really messy, although this pump can get blocked with dried product from time to time. The shade range is also great for the more pale ladies, however for darker skin tones it is practically non-existent.

If you are looking for a budget matte foundation, then I urge you to give this a try. I also really recommend their BB cream (review here) which has been a staple in my daily routine. Overall from the 3 products I've tried from this brand I have been really impressed and will definitely look into some more of their products.

Have you tried this foundation? What else do you suggest I should try from 17? xxx


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