Friday, 31 August 2012

Review: So Susan Lip Cushion

Before writing up posts I do some research on the product I've been trialing out and the company. When I tried to do that with this particular product and company however, I couldn't find any official website or any product information, which was pretty weird. Considering I'd never heard of this company before some of their products came in my August Jolie Box it was rather annoying. However, after some more investigation I found the same product selling on eBay and found out that it was actually by Jelly Pong Pong. The pictures on the official Jelly Pong Pong site showed the exact same box and product but with a different shaped tub that the lip product came in. I'm not sure if they have now rebranded to the name 'So Susan' or not but I'm guessing that is the case. All I know is that the original Jelly Pong Pong lip cushion was retailing on ASOS for £6.

Anyway... on to the product! First impressions of this were good - it was really nice to see a full size product in my box. I really like the packaging as I think it is a good size, it has a clear body which means you can see the product and the rose gold lid was very pretty. As it is a pot you do have to use your finger though and that is a feature I know some people aren't too keen on. The colour of the lip cushion I received was a frosted pink with lots of sparkle which definitely appealed to me! It also has a strong scent of artificial strawberries, which I don't mind but it probably won't appeal to some people.

When I tested this however, I was rather let down. I know it is meant to be a sheer gloss but there is virtually no colour pay off whatsoever and it is basically see through so no point in doing a swatch as you wouldn't see it. I'm not sure why they bother doing different colours of this because it wouldn't make a difference. They branded the product a lip cushion rather than just a gloss as it is meant to give a 'squishy, elastic texture' but I didn't notice anything special about it and it feels exactly like a pot of vaseline. It is also meant to be quite moisturising and I agree with this to an extent but if you have ultra dry lips this won't do a great deal for you. The lip cushion does include evening primrose oil, beeswax and aloe vera to 'heal lips and improve suppleness' so who knows, maybe after a good few weeks of using this I will see a difference. It is also animal cruelty free which is always a plus point for me.

Overall, I was let down by this product. It is pretty average and I won't be reaching for it every day but it would be a good one to keep in my handbag for when I'm on the go on top of a lipstick. Considering you can buy a much larger tub of Vaseline for less than £2 and does pretty much the same thing I wouldn't repurchase this and I think it is a bit of a rip off to be retailing at £6. Sorry for a rather negative review but I do review everything honestly so you don't end up wasting your money!

Have you tried this product before or heard of So Susan? xxx


  1. I tried this product a few years back under the name of Jelly Pong Pong after buying a goodie bag at clothes show live. I really liked it back then, it had a lovely texture and tasted DEVINE! However, I bought another one this year, as a gift for someone, and its in a much smaller pot, and in your photos it looks glittery, which the previous one wasnt. I am still a little confused why they have rebranded it, seeing as you can still buy it on the Jelly Pong Pong website, and its not on the So Susan one! The stand at Clothes Show this year was a Jelly Pong Pong one, and all the goodie bags said Jelly Pong Pong, but all the products in them had been relabelled with the So Susan name. Last year I bought, and still have, the exact same products all branded JPP! Also, I am SO not loving the prices!!! At Clothes show you buy a goodie bag with 4/5 products in for £5!!!! Has been that way for years, I would never buy a full priced product as its obviously not worth that!

    1. The product is glittery but it doesn't translate onto your lips. I think the whole rebrand has been really confusing for a lot of people to be honest. Both things I've tried from the brand are rubbish and deffo not worth the price! Never tried anything from Jelly Pong Pong though so can't make a comparison on that x


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