Monday, 24 December 2012

*** Merry Christmas!! ***

Many of you probably won't read this until boxing day or a few days after as you will all be eating copious amounts, unwrapping presents and generally having a lovely time with your family and friends. However, I wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope you all have a wonderful time with your loved ones. I hope you have all been sprinkled with festive magic are all well and truly into the Christmas spirit!

My favourite things about Christmas are the songs we play every year while opening presents, ridiculous amounts of food, family time, the smell of the Christmas tree, twinkly lights and cold winter nights snuggled up watching a Christmas film. What are your traditions at this time of year?

Raise your glasses of champers/bucks fizz/mulled wine/hot chocolate - heres to Christmas 2012! xxx


  1. Love your post. We usually sing carols before opening presents... i kinda like that lol

    I really like your blog, do you want to follow each other?

    Have a merry christmas

    1. Thanks :) That sounds so cute! You are more than welcome to follow mine, I will check yours out too. Hope you have had a lovely christmas x


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