Thursday, 26 July 2012

Review: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

When reviewing products myself and reading other people's reviews I'm a firm believer in 'what works for you, might not work for someone else.' This is very true when it comes to Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer pre-shampoo treatment, as there are many mixed reviews on this - it works wonders on some but others see no difference. I'm in the latter camp, which really disappointed me. As I highlight my hair I'm always on the look out for intensive treatments that really help the structure of my hair rather than just make it look better with silicones etc. I used this every time before washing my hair for the past 2 weeks and I havn't really seen much difference to be honest. I followed the instructions and wet my hair before use, sectioning it and applying it all through the midlengths and the ends where I need it most. I often left it for at least half an hour to let it get to work and then washed it out as normal, followed with my regular conditioner. However, for a 'super-moisturising' and 'intensive' treatment, my hair didn't feel especially silky, smooth or shiny or even 'elasticised' it just felt like I had put a normal conditioner on, not even a luxury one. 

I liked that it had UV protection in it but my regular shampoo and conditioner already have this so it wasn't a necessity. The product was also fragrance free which may be a big plus for some people, but for me it was a dissapointment. When using a luxury product, like I feel this is marketed, I expected a lovely fragrance especially when it is sitting on my head for so long. For the price for a full size tub (£26.25) I expected this product to work wonders and to really see a difference in my hair. Luckily, I bought a tester size tube from a recent blog sale and havn't ended up out of pocket as I would have been unhappy if I had spent the full amount on this. I much prefer my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle for Coloured Hair as it smells beautiful and I really feel a difference once I've used it. 

Again, I would stress that although this wasn't great for me it might work great for you so if you are still considering purchasing this I would recommend picking up a smaller size tube to test it out first before spending full price on it. Although this wasn't great for me, I wouldn't rule trying out other Philip Kingsley products as he is a well regarded name and it would be nice to find something that I could rave about. I will be finishing this tube at some point in the future, so expect a final update on this on an upcoming All Used Up post. 

Have you used this product before, and what did you think of it? What other Philip Kingsley products would you recommend? xxx


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