Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Trio of Lush Products

At the moment I have a bit of a back-log of product reviews from my various hauls, so expect to see a few more review posts :) I picked these three products up from Lush the other week after watching Louise's video of her favourite Lush products because I have no will power when it comes to shopping and seeing good reviews make me want to try out the products myself! 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' and the 'Each Peach' massage bar were bought upon hearing good recommendations and the toner water was an impulse buy. Overall, I was a little disappointed but this won't stop me trying out some of the other products on my wish list as I believe skincare especially is very personal, so what may work for someone else might not work for me and I really like other Lush products such as the bath bombs.

Tea Tree Toner Water: Although I wasn't expecting to pick this up, I have been on the lookout for a new Toner as my previous Garnier one was too harsh and left my skin feeling really stripped. I've also been wanting to try out the spray toner waters like the Caudalie one but wanted to find a cheaper alternative due to a student budget. One of the main reasons I picked up this product is because it has tea tree in it and I am prone to getting a few blemishes due to oily skin - it even states that 'tea tree is a wonder oil for anyone with oily or spot prone skin'. I  bought the 100g bottle (£3.95) so if I didn't like it the product wouldn't be wasted and its also a handy size for my handbag for freshening up during hot summer days, but you can also purchase it in a 250g bottle for £7.25. My usual routine is to spray some onto a cotton wool pad to wipe my face over and remove dirt and then spray some all over my face and leave to dry before applying moisturiser, in the morning and evening. I love how refreshing and gentle this is but I havn't seen any massive differences towards blemishes. I'm not sure if its because the tea tree is really watered down but I havn't found it to be that effective which is a bit disappointing. I wouldn't rule out buying this again if I can find a good blemish gel/cream as it is a nice toner (I'm thinking about buying the Origins one) - if you do suffer from bad blemishes I wouldn't recommend this for you.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask: I've been trying out loads of different masks recently trying to find a good combination that I can see and feel make a real difference to my skin and the various problems with it. After seeing quite a few rave reviews of this on various blogs I decided to try it out. Lush face masks are quite expensive for such a small pot (£5.95 for 75g) with a sell by date of 3 weeks, but they are all made out of fresh ingredients and although they say you can only get 3 uses out of them, I've had at least 7 and I still have about a quarter left. You have to keep them in the fridge due to the fresh ingredients in them, and I quite like this as it means the mask is really refreshing and cool when applied to the skin. It is definitely not the easiest mask to apply as it produces it's own water meaning you have to try and mix it all together with your finger and is quite slippery when trying to apply it. I think for this type of mask it would be a good idea to try applying it with a brush. This is also a type of mask where you have to sit and relax while wearing it (I'm not complaining!) as it has a tendency to flake off after a while. The featured ingredient is fresh blueberries and there are lots of pieces within the face mask. Again, although this is aimed towards blemished skin, I havn't noticed any differences towards blemishes or oil control. It leaves my face lovely and refreshed but that is about it. I wouldn't repurchase this but I am interested in trying the Brazened Honey mask.

Each Peach Massage Bar: I've previously owned Soft Coeur bar and really enjoyed it plus I love massages so after I saw Louise recommend this I had to try it! Lush says that this is a 'lovely rich massage bar with beautiful fruit oils' which I can definitely vouch for. It has a lovely strong citrus scent to it and it says that it melts at body temperature just like chocolate - and it really does! It melts so easily when using it and leaves lovely rich oils on your skin which are really moisturising from products including cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado butter and mango kernal butter. I've used oils before, but I prefer these as they have a scent with staying power and are much less messy to use, whether on yourself or with someone else. The bar will also last a long time as although it melts easily, a little goes a long way. I would definitely repurchase and am looking forward to trying out the other types of bars - I also want to buy the Lush tin to keep them in!

I have always been a fan of Lush products due to the fresh, natural ingredients and the fact products are made on site and the impeccable service from staff, so although I was a little let down with these products there is nothing stopping me from trying out different products to find the right things to suit me. If you are interested to purchasing something form Lush I recommend popping into your local store as the staff will guide you in the right direction. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of Lush? xxx


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    1. I would deffo give them a try, I'm sure there will be something to suit you :) x

  2. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!
    I have been wanting to try the Tea Tree Toner for a while now! That face mask looks amazing too! I am a big fan of the Lush face masks!

    Natasha Carly x

    1. It's ok :) I love Lush too and think there is something to suit everyone x


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