Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Night in London: The Ice Bar and Byron Burger

For one of Matt's Christmas presents, I bought him a trip to the Ice bar in Mayfair. Our reservation was a few weeks ago, and we decided to make a night of it and visit Byron Burger afterwards for a meal, somewhere I had been longing to go for ages! It was a really great evening where we could spend quality time together and do something a bit different too. All the pictures are from an iPhone so sorry for the bad quality!

The Ice Bar was a lot smaller than I thought it would be compared to the pictures online but it was still really cool (no pun intended!) with various ice sculptures and seats. With your booking you received a complimentary cocktail to enjoy from a glass made of ice! It was a bit of a shame that the cocktails were pre-made but they still tasted really good (and quite strong!) and the novelty of drinking out of ice made up for it. Before you enter the bar you are given big 'designer' cloaks to help keep you warm that have mittens with them too. The session lasts around 40 minutes but we didn't last that long as I was already developing an illness and we were getting rather freezing so we decided to head to the warmer cocktail bar afterwards.

Our cold faces!
The bar serves food and drink, and by this point we were starving so ordered a sharing platter. This included a mix of crisps, two types of olives and goats cheese, and a mix of nuts and wasabi peas which I am obsessed with! We ordered two more cocktails from the extensive list which were really lovely although I can't remember the names of them - mine was quite fruity where as Matt's was very strong and bitter.

We then made the short walk to Byron Burger in Soho and had to wait in a queue outside. I couldn't believe how popular it was, but I suppose it was a Saturday night! Luckily we didn't have to wait long as we were a group of two and managed to get seated in around 5 minutes. The atmosphere of the restaurant was really good with lovely friendly staff and super quick service. I was thoroughly impressed with everything.

We ordered two chocolate milkshakes which were incredible - so thick and chocolately and probably a meal in itself! I decided on the Cheese burger with American cheese (you get a long list of which type you would like) without the tomato and Matt went with the Byron burger. I really liked that you could say how you wanted the burger cooked and we both got it medium-rare. We got sides of coleslaw and french fries which were lovely, and the table next to us had the Mac and Cheese which I am totally getting next time we visit! I'm also interested in the courgette fries too. The food was sooo good and much better than your average burger. We really wanted desert but after the bar snacks at the Ice Bar and the massive milkshake we were absolutely stuffed!

The Byron Burger
The Cheese Burger
Have you ever been to the Ice Bar or Byron Burger? Where to you like to visit in London? xxx


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