Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tea and Tides

This post has been a long time coming as I've had these for ages but just not got round to talking about them! Tea and Tides is a local company from Exeter which up cycle vintage crockery and china into cake stands and hand made candles. Every item is unique and very cute and would not look out of place on Etsy. The candles are made from organic soya wax which means it burns clean and a selling point which would appeal to many, especially due to the massive hype around Neom candles at the moment - these are priced at just £5 each though so are a fraction of the price. They are also scented with essential oils, and make my room at uni look so cute and cosy during the evening. I love candles anyway and think these are a great addition to my bedroom, especially as they are unique. I think these would make great gifts which are a little bit different.

Have you seen anything like this before? xxx


  1. I love those teacups they look so cute! I've also just nominated you for the Liebster award, check out my blog to find out what you need to do :) xxx

  2. Very cute teacups! Love your blog layout too!

    I have a blog giveaway running at the moment, feel free to enter for your chance to win a Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick! x

    ..F A S H E R N A B L Y - L A T E..

    1. thank you! That sounds like a great giveaway x

  3. Awww i love it, very cute and vintage.

    Monique x


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