Monday, 8 October 2012

My Prettiest Palette

One of the main things that attract me to beauty items are the packaging. I love products that look pretty on your dressing table and reflect the quality of the product inside. This is especially true with more expensive products as when you spend over a certain amount you want it to have the full package (excuse the pun!) I have quite a few palettes from companies such as MAC, Urban Decay and Benefit which include face products, eye shadows, and travel kits. This little beauty from MAC is definitely the most beautiful in my collection. It is lightweight and compact so excellent for travel and the combination of pink (my favourite colour) gold and multi-coloured heart gems make it look rather luxurious. My dad picked this up for me as a surprise present when he was on business in Dubai quite a while ago and although he knows nothing about make up he does know that I think MAC is a lovely brand and I think the design and colours of the product inside made him think of me.

This compact palette comes with a good size mirror and good quality mini brush that I normally use for highlighter under my eyebrows. Although this palette hasn't got the best colours for every day wear I do use it everyday for the far left colour as my highlight. I also love the two blues which are really vivid and have great colour pay off like you would expect from this brand. The lighter bright blue is lovely for a pop of colour in the form of an eyeliner and the darker blue which has a slight shimmer running through it I also use as a liner or blended into my crease for a more dramatic look - you can see an example of this here. I would like to get more use out of the green, yellow and pink but I find these shades are a bit harder to work with and not something I would use all the time. I don't know the name of the palette or the majority of colour names because all the writing has worn off and I've had it a long time, sorry! If you could fill me in that would be helpful :)

I think a great contender which I don't currently have are the new Clarins Odyssey palettes which are so amazing and beautiful!!

What is your favourite palette/prettiest beauty item? I've decided this would be a fun tag to do so I tag all of you who read this to do this post! Make sure you tweet me (@LilMisLifestyle) leave a comment below with your link and include a link back to my blog to let me know you have taken part :) xxx


  1. Are you sure it's genuine MAC?

    1. yes :) It was from the MAC stand in a reptuable department store in Dubai. It did come in a box and a little leaflet thing but I lost them long ago!


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