Friday, 19 October 2012

October Joliebox

I don't normally bother doing this type of post as there are always so many every month on the various beauty boxes, but this month's box was too good not to share. At the moment I am just subscribed to Joliebox and am rarely let down by the contents delivered, although if you are thinking of subscribing to a service like this you should manage your expectations as they can be a bit hit and miss.

This month's box was the first after Joliebox had teamed up with American beauty box brand 'Birchbox' (sorry for the alliteration!) and had a 'Pure and Natural' theme which included 2 full size products, with most of the samples being a generous size too. It also comes with a 'JolieMag' which is a lovely addition I enjoy reading every month.  I normally wait a few weeks at least to test the things I get before reviewing them on here but for an overview the box includes:

Jason Bee Healthier Lip Balm Stick: I recently purchased a Burt's Bees lip balm which is a very similar product but I wasn't disappointed as this is full size and I personally don't think you can have enough lip balms! It is 70% organic and contains Aloe and Beeswax to 'moisturise and protect' - great for those who love natural products. It also smells like mint chocolate chip icecream (like Palmer's Dark Chocolate and Peppermint lipbutter that I also have) and tingles your lips, which is a plus point for me!

Lov Organic herbal tea bags in 'Lov is Beautiful' flavour: This is the 'lifestyle' product. I love tea and am always looking for new herbal ones to try as they have greater health benefits than your standard cuppa. Within this pack you get 6 muslin teabags, which I think is pretty generous. The ingredients include white tea, green tea, pieces of mango, pineapple and apricot - it sounds like a delicious combination so I'm excited to try these out.

Moa The Green Balm: The smallest sample in the box, but I have a feeling that a little will go a long way. It is 100% natural and indeed light green! It's smell and texture is very reminiscent of Vicks Vapour Rub and melts into the skin easily. It is described as 'an intense, multi-purpose balm that gives moisture to chapped, dehydrated skin' for all parts of your body and suitable for even sensitive skin.

Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm: I love the cardboard tube it comes in and it is a handy size for travel but still with a generous amount of product. It's described as a 'multi-tasking beauty balm' and is really similar to Nars The Multiple Bronzer. The actual product is a thick stick of instant bronzing balm which you can twist up and down like a lip balm. Again it is 100% natural and can be used anywhere you like, with organic olive, coconut and jojoba oils 'to moisturise and soften'. I'm really looking forward to giving this a go as I've been wanting to try a cream bronzer for a while.

Ritessens Exfoliating Face Care: With this month's box you could either receive the face wash or the exfoliant - I got the latter. This was the product I was most excited about as it is full size (125 ml) and really generous for a beauty box. It claims to purify and refine your skin's texture leaving it clean and radiant by including nautral plant extracts and Moroccan Argan Oil in the formula.

Although this box might not be for everyone, it was just the ticket for me! What do you think of this month's Joliebox? Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? xxx


  1. Hey
    love the layout and the girly theme to it :)
    Is the Jolieboxes actually worth getting because I did think about it but wasnt sure because it might just be random items

    1. thanks I wanted my blog to reflect my personality :) I think it is one of the better beauty boxes as I havn't been disappointed yet. They are also generous with the size of samples. When subscribing to any beauty box I would manage your expectations though x

  2. Great post!!

    Really love your style and posts!!

    A blog like this deserves following!

    Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)



    1. Aww thank you very much for the lovely comment :) I will take a look at yours now xx


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