Monday, 29 October 2012

Review: Balmi Lip Balm

As a girl with many hand bags, I can never have enough lip balms as I am constantly loosing them and rediscovering them a few weeks later. So I was pleased to see a new raved about lip balm in a recent Joliebox. It is meant to be very similar to the US EOS lip balms but I've never tried them so can't do a comparison in this review.

Firstly the packaging is great - it is definitely more chunky than my standard twist up tube but it means it is easier to find  in your hand bag and there is also a little clip meaning you can attach it things for easy use such as maybe your keys. You can either unscrew the top or take off the clip at the back to access the product, and due to the spherical nature of the product you can just pop it on your lips without having to dunk your finger in a tub, which I think is great and makes for easy application. The colour of the packaging also reflects which flavour you have - in case you couldn't guess I received blackcurrant. To be honest out of all the flavours you can get this would be my least favourite which is a shame, and the smell of it is so pungent. I don't normally have an issue with scents and I think if it had been strawberry or coconut it would be fine but this particular smell was a bit too sickly for me and meant that although I think the product is good it puts me off reaching for it.

The actual product contains UVA protection with an SPF of 15 which means it would be perfect for holiday as well as every day use. It is also moisturising which is what I look for in a lip balm, containing ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. The product sits quite thin on the lips as I think the oils sink into them rather than sitting as a protective layer, so for winter time you may want something a little thicker. However, the nature of this product makes it great for under lipsticks. I think the price is very reasonable for the amount of product you get as well - my standard tubes may be a bit cheaper but with them you only get 4g of product and this lasts me ages anyway, so with 10g of product in the Balmi lip balms they will last you forever and are great value for money.

All in all I think the product is lovely, but you can get similar balms for cheaper and it's a shame I didn't like this particular scent. The product does offer the novelty factor of being a unique spherical balm which will definitely appeal to a lot of people and makes it that bit different to your standard balm.

Have you tried these or the EOS balms? xxx


  1. i really wanna try this! will definitely have to pic one up x

    1. go for it! they have a variety of flavours so should be one you like :) x

  2. This will probably sound really weird but would you be willing to purchse balmis and send them to Canada and I could email transfer you the money, I really want all of them !


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