Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Best Winter Hand Cream

When it comes to hand creams I tend to choose high end brands like L'Occitane or Crabtree & Evelyn due to the light consistency, the dreamy smells and the fact that they sink in easily while still moisturising effectively so you can get on with your day. However now the weather has turned quite bitter they aren't cutting it anymore and I've been searching for something deeply moisturising that repairs and protects.

Recently my hands have been dry and the skin around my finger nails has been peeling and cracked. I've been using The Body Shop's Hemp Hand cream which is great for before bed as it is quite sticky and takes a while to sink but it doesn't last throughout the next day and the formula isn't great for day to day business.

In comes Garnier's Intensive 7 Days Restoring Hand Cream. I only picked this up after using a colleagues and being seriously impressed. A few years ago I enjoyed using the 7 Day Intensive Body lotions (review here) but never thought to try the high street for an intensive hand cream as I thought they just wouldn't be up to standard. I was so wrong though as this is literally the best intensive hand cream EVER and for such a good price too.

I chose the Shea Butter formula due to being suitable for dry and chapped hands, the scent of which is light and inoffensive. It is a relatively light formula which sinks in very easily and leaves your hands feeling soft, smooth and supple and instantly my hands looked soothed and more hydrated. The hydration even lasts through washing your hands so you don't need to keep on reapplying which is awesome. I've noticed such a difference to the appearance of my hands over just a few days, which says a lot as I was constantly reapplying some of my favourite high end creams and didn't notice any difference.

This is now a staple in my hand bag and on my desk and I urge you to try it if you are looking for something intensive that won't break the bank.

What is your favourite hand cream? xxx


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