Sunday, 20 July 2014

Event: Vichy | Normaderm Launch | Night Detox

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to attend the launch of a brand new product by Vichy. Night Detox is the newest installment to their Normaderm skin care line which is tailored to oily/combination and problem skin. I was so excited about attending, not only because events are such fun and a great opportunity to meet new people but also because this whole line and particularly this product is perfect for me and my skin type.

The venue was the Hamyard Hotel in Picadilly and was just incredible! It was so quirky and different and the perfect space for a blogger event - it even had its own bowling alley which I will definitely have to go back and try out. Upon arrival we were greeted with the most delicious food - mini fish and chips, mini sorbets, mini chocolate pops (everyone knows I love anything mini!) and more as well as complimentary mojitos to enjoy. I got to mingle with some other bloggers and ended up spending the night with Layla from Sprinkles of Style, Hannah from A Day in The Life of a Northern Girl and Zoe from Face Value Beauty who were so lovely and let me join their group haha. We also got to view the new product and test it out before the presentation which would tell us some more details about the product.

The presentation occurred in the in-house cinema and we managed to grab a bag of popcorn before we sat down. We were given a short talk about the product, what skin type it is for, how it works etc and I learnt some really interesting skincare facts, for example, did you know that sebum production peaks at 12am and 12pm?

Although I aim to publish a full review post of Night Detox, the main aim of this product is to stop that dirty feeling in the morning that oily skin gals know all too well by controlling sebum production, tightening pores, and evening your skin texture by both detoxing and purifying your skin at night.

After the talk we were kindly shown the film Grease, one of my fave films, but unfortunately I couldn't stay for this (sob) as I had to get the train home (the con to not living on a tube line anymore!)

I also received the daily moisturiser from the range and a cleanser of my choice, which was the Unclogging Exfoliating Gel. I've already started testing them out and am really enjoying the products with an aim to have a full review up in a few weeks once I have tested them properly.

Thanks again to the team at Vichy for such a fab night! xxx


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