Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Surviving the World Cup

World Cup Widows Pamper Box*

As I'm writing this, it is half time in the Brazil vs Germany game and the former team are 5 nil down... there goes my final chance of winning any money in the sweep stake I took part in! So it is a rather nice treat that I got sent this lovely box of goodies to relax and block out the drama of the World Cup (and my boyfriends commentary) which I took advantage of tonight.

First I ran myself a warm bath using the Simple relaxing bath soak which is perfect to help you unwind in the evening and prepare you for bed due to it's lavender and chamomile notes. After watching an episode of Girls I got out the tub and  made a big mug of luxury hot chocolate with the stir in hot chocolate block and popped on the anti stress Montagne Jennesse mud mask to detoxify my skin. One of my favourite pamper products are face masks and this brand is so affordable and effective. I'm saving the popcorn for another game but couldn't resist popping on the Nivea lip butter after finishing my drink and removing my mask as I love these so much! I was so excited to see this as it is the only flavour I don't have of the range.

Not only is the box packed full of goodies to give yourself a great pamper night, a World Cup Widows bingo card is included so you can have a little bit of fun yourself while your partner is engrossed in the play (you can download one here). So far I have managed to cross out 'the fridge is suddenly full of beer', 'you have to ask which team a player plays for' and 'partner panics after losing remote'. I don't think I will be able to complete this card though as although Matt loves the football he is quite good at including me and doesn't take it too seriously.

The second half of the game has just started but I really need an early night so those ear plugs are definitely looking appealing tonight...

What products have you pampered yourself with during the World Cup? Are you a World Cup Widow? xxx

*This is not a sponsored post but I was gifted the box of products


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