Friday, 8 November 2013

Take 3: Pond's Institute Skincare

Pond's Institute is an iconic brand made famous for their simple and affordable beauty products, so it was really exciting to receive a few of their products at the recent event they hosted. My skincare routine has been Pond's-centric for the last few weeks using the three products we got, which included the Cold Cream Cleanser, Green Tea Moisturiser and Eye Contour Cream. Below are my thoughts on each product, in the order I use them in.

Cold Cream Cleanser* // £4.07 //
The cult classic which many of you will recognise from your mum or grandma's dressing table, I've been using it in the pm to cleanse my face. It is a multi-tasker and can be used as a hand cream and hydrating face mask as well as a general cleanser. The consistency is a thick white cream featuring a delicate rose scent which is cooling when massaged in and I normally leave it on for a minute or so to hydrate my skin. I find it effective at taking off face make up but not so great with eye make up. It is recommended to remove the formula with cotton pads but I find it needs a warm muslin cloth or flannel to remove the product properly or you are left with a film on your face which I didn't like too much (I think that is down to the high mineral oil content). My skin is left feeling really smooth but I did find the texture to be a little heavy for my oily/combo skin so I would recommend it for normal to dry skin, although it didn't break me out at all. 

Eye Contour Cream* // £7.99 //
Fragrance free, this light weight cream is delicate enough for the sensitive skin underneath your eyes and great to use both at night and day underneath your make up. The targeted nozzle and squeezy tube makes it easy to control how much product you want to use. The formula is enriched with vitamins A, E and B5 which is meant to improve skin structure and hydration. I found that I could feel my eye contour tighten and firm once the cream was dry which I really liked but I didn't feel as though it gave me loads of hydration. It is also meant to be reduce puffiness although that is something I luckily don't suffer with so can't really comment on.

Natural Beauty Moisturiser* // £5.10 //
This was my favourite of the bunch and a new launch. A slightly pink tinged and fresh scented cream that features green tea antioxidants to nourish the skin, this moisturiser had a light weight formula which sunk in easily. I've been using it morning and night and I like that it provides the moisture I need without feeling heavy and makes a great base for under make up as well as the right amount of nourishment at night. For people with my skin type I would highly recommend this affordable cream as it lasts ages, is cost effective and is an all round great product.

Out of the three products I tried the moisturiser was most definitely my favourite, but there are also other creams being launched which target different areas of concern including mature skin, dry skin, anti-wrinkle and normal-dry skin. Pond's Institute prove that luxury can be done on a budget so I suggest having a perusal at their range next time you are in Boots and giving something new from their range a go.

Have you tried any products from Pond's Institute before? xxx


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