Friday, 29 November 2013

Review: Origins | Out Of Trouble Face Mask |

I've been a big fan of Origins skincare for a while now and their face masks are definitely one of their best selling points as they are great for targeting specific problems effectively. I have the Drink Up Intensive in my arsenal and have used the Clear Improvement Charcoal mask but today I will be talking about the Out Of Trouble face mask.

It is targeted towards combination oily skin, which sums up my skin perfectly, and is recommended to be used to clear up excess oil production and blemishes. Personally, I find this best for use on active break outs - normally a few days after using a clay based mask which draws out impurities, although it is good when used in 'triple threat' facials straight after the aforementioned mask to try and stop anything blossoming into a full on blemish. Although it is a 10 minute mask to give quick results, I always leave it on a lot longer like I do with all other face masks. It has a really strong smell (which I think is the sulfur) and takes some getting used to as the scent lingers until the next morning after washing it off, but the thick white consistency means you can get a thick layer without using too much product. I've had my bottle for over a year and am about 4/5 of the way through which is great value. Ingredients featured are zinc oxide and sulfur which are present to soak up oil and exfoliate away dead cells that contribute towards the creation of blemishes and camphor to refine the texture of skin and 'pull the plug' on active breakouts.

As I mentioned I like to apply this all over when I've got a few break outs or concentrated on a few spots (I've seen some people use it as an over night spot treatment.) Straight after washing it off my complexion looks a lot calmer and redness has been reduced. Blemishes often disappear a lot quicker when I use this mask and reduce in size considerably by the next morning. Although the formula does dry rather than stay sticky, my face is never left dry or tight but is instead smooth, soft and even toned. 

I would highly recommend Origins in general but their face masks are a real winner for me. It's a shame that the price point seems to have been inflated from the original £20 to £22 which does put me off a bit but I suppose for such a best selling range they feel they can get away with it.

What are your favourite products from Origins? xxx


  1. I have this and always leave it on longer than 10 minutes. I agree about the smell! I haven't used it ages for though so I need to dig it out xx


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