Friday, 11 October 2013

Take 3: The Best of Aussie

My Take 3 series hasn't made an appearance in months but I'm excited to bring it back as it's a nice way to talk about different products in another way, rather than just single reviews. This particular installment is focused on the high street brand Aussie that I've loved for years, and who I think create effective and affordable hair care. I've tried a number of their products, but so far my firm favourites include an intensive conditioner, a leave in spray conditioner and a curling mousse. 

Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance Leave in Conditioner: Like all Aussie products this smells divine and the scent lingers for ages. I like to use spray leave in conditioners after washing my hair to detangle and this does a wonderful job. It has a decent spray on it as well and isn't too heavy on my hair which has the tendency to be weighed down by too much product. This is also great on dry hair in between washes to give it extra nourishment although it can leave it a little bit wet. I love using this on holiday on damp hair once I've been in the pool or sea to give it extra nourishment because sun + chlorine + highlights = super dry hair if not properly cared for. The bottle lasts for ages too making it really cost effective, which is the case for most Aussie products. There are many variations of this leave in conditioner and this is the best one for my hair type.

Dual Personality Curl Defining and Shine Mousse: My hair is naturally wavy rather than curly but nevertheless this mousse does a wonderful job of holding and defining my waves without feeling heavy, sticky or brittle. The product is easily distributed through damp hair by scrunching through the lengths and gives a light weight and flexible hold. I also use it on dry hair when I've styled it in a more curly fashion as it helps to hold the style for longer. It doesn't dry out my hair at all and it is easy to brush my hair too as I find many mousses make it difficult to get a brush through. Definitely one to try if you have a natural curl or wave pattern.

3 Minute Miracle Colour Mate Deep Treatment: Similar to the leave in conditioner, this type of product has lots of different versions dependent on your hair type. Seeing as my hair is highlighted I pick up the colour version which smells lovely. A splodge of this run through the lengths of your hair and left for a few minutes works wonders to add some moisture into over processed locks. It has a thick consistency which feels really nourishing, and once washed out I can feel a real difference in the quality of my hair. The squidgey tube also makes for easy application in the shower. This is a product which I will always have a back up of as an affordable treat.

So that is my round up of the best of Aussie I've found so far :) What are your favourites from Aussie? xxx


  1. I love their leave-in treatment (I use the original one) and have re-purchased so many times! xx


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