Friday, 4 October 2013

Review: Vichy | Normaderm Micellar Solution |

Over the past year I've been trying out quite a few different micellar waters, some which I really didn't get on with (for example, the L'Oreal version), while others have been quite good. None of them have reached 'Holy Grail' status just yet though - not even Bioderma - but I prefer them 100% more to face wipes to take off the majority of my make up before cleansing properly and as a means to freshen up.

The only product I've tried from Vichy before is a thermal water spray, which I enjoyed during summer, so I decided they would be a good bet as the next version to try. At the time of purchase I didn't realise that they do different versions for varying skin types but as luck would have it I picked up the one for acne prone skin which is probably better suited for me as I have combo/oily skin which is prone to the odd spot or two. It also states that it is suitable for sensitive skin too.

One of the best points about this particular micellar solution is that it contains no parabens or alcohol. I'm not majorly fussy when it comes to ingredients normally, but in regards to my face I'd rather be as kind to it as possible. I also really like that its easy to dispense the product, meaning no waste or spillages and it smells nice and fresh. When tackling face make up and grime (yum) this is pretty good at getting most of it off but pretty weak at taking off eye make up, especially mascara. I've just repurchased a new eye make up remover for that which isn't the end of the world, but ideally to keep costs and my skincare routine down I would have liked it to be able to be good at taking off eye make up as well. Although there is a lack of alcohol in the ingredients, I have also found it a little drying however I think this may be down to the changing seasons too so the jury is out on that point for the moment. 

Overall, this product isn't ground breaking but it is rather nice and actually find it really similar to the one by La Roche Posay. I'm starting to feel like all micellar solutions are pretty similar bar a few bad ones, so if you like these products as part of your skincare routine this is a good one to try out. 

What products do you recommend from Vichy? xxx


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