Friday, 12 April 2013

Review: Lush | Popcorn Lip Scrub |

Lush products are a big hit in the bloggersphere and their lip scrubs are no exception. I've always thought they were a bit of a waste of money as for such a small pot I think the price is really high when you can essentially make something like this yourself quite easily. However, my lips were needing a bit of TLC and I fancied a treat so decided to pick this up on my most recent trip to Lush and I'm super glad I did.

There are three different flavours to choose from: bubblegum, mint chocolate chip and popcorn. I picked the latter as the other two seemed really sweet and I could see myself getting sick of the scent and taste after a while. Popcorn is a lovely combination of salty and sweet which tastes and smells delicious. 

The list of ingredients is small with no added nasties but all the right ingredients for soft and smooth lips. Caster sugar, sea salt and polenta aid the scrubbing, while jojoba oil and coconut oil help to nourish. The only disappointment is that there is meant to be popping candy included but I haven't experienced this :( 

I use this every morning before my make up, followed up by a lipbalm to prep lips for lipstick later on. This is even more important for me as I love bright colours and since using this scrub, lip products have applied smoother and more evenly. Having used this every day for a few weeks now you can see I have barely scratched the surface so even though it is pricey at least it will last me a long time. The size of the pot makes it easy for travel, with a secure twist lid. 

I have seen a definite improvement and therefore a lip scrub is going to be a staple in my every day routine. I've also been using it on Matt occasionally and he likes it too (shh don't tell him I told you!) Have you tried any lip scrubs? xxx


  1. I've never tried a lip scrub, but my lips are so dry after the long winter and I was smelling these in Lush the other day. After seeing how little is actually used after a week I think I might just have to invest in a pot, it seems worth it :) x

    1. I had tried one in a stick form from the body shop before but I like this one best :) I think they are worth the price x


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