Thursday, 18 April 2013

Grandad's 80th birthday

cutest picture ever!
Last weekend, we had a rare family gathering to celebrate my granddad turning the grand old age of 80! Even though my sister and I and our respective partners were the youngest by a quite a few decades, it was so much fun and great to see relatives that I haven't seen in years.
My grandparents were so cute and put on the nicest spread of finger food from Waitrose including fresh dressed crab and prawns, tortillas, chicken wings, cold meats and more, followed by mini cakes and pastries, profiteroles, fruit salad and my grandma's homemade boozy trifle. There was plenty of alcohol flowing too which I think the younger ones of the group enjoyed the most.
They had even thought up some party games which allowed everyone to mingle, relax and have a good laugh. There was guess how many coins are in the jar and how much they totalled up to - which I won! (a box of chocolates in case you are wondering) and guess how much the weight of the cake is and a small quiz to end. It was something everyone could get involved with and was just so cute and thoughtful! Lastly there was a free raffle where everyone got a prize including mantlepiece clocks from John Lewis (Matt got this and loved it!), aftershave kits, scented candles, bottles of wine and more. There had been so much thought put into the day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and laughed lots. To top of the day, my great uncle had written two poems about my granddad which were so lovely and speeches were delivered that made my grandma cry!
It was a wonderful day and I'm so pleased I could celebrate with everyone. We had another birthday party in the evening for Matt's friend in Tooting which was great fun too, but was quite different to my granddads as it was a house party and then onto a club called Infernos (although I don't think anyone made it to the club in the end!) Two birthday parties in one day knackered us out but they are one of my favourite things! What have you been up to recently? xxx


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