Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Added Extras #2

While in the midst of a ridiculous amount of work at the end of last term, I was constantly dreaming of a relaxing pamper night at home, with full use of a selection of face masks, Lush products and a big bath. So that is exactly what I did when I got home for Easter. Pamper nights are a great excuse to rotate the products you have and rediscover old loves as well as experiment with new ones.

I always start by cleansing my face properly and then pop on a face mask. The first one I chose was a deep cleansing sample I got from Clarins (a brand which I am having a total love affair with at the moment) which cleanses deep down and refines pores. Although I need to use it more than once to get its full effect, from first use I was pleased with the silky formula and the pink clay helped to draw out impurities without being drying whatsoever. While the facemask was on I crumbled a bit of a Lush bubble bar 'French Kiss' which I got in a gift set for valentines day, that creates lovely lavender scented bubbles, perfect for relaxing.

While in the bath, I like a good scrub and the zingy scent of the Sugar Crush body scrub is sweet and uplifting. I prefer my scrubs to be a bit harsher than this, such as Flake Away, but I will definitley be looking into other products in the Sugar Crush range. The second Lush product is Twilight shower gel, which is again lavender scented with notes of malt to encourage relaxation and sleep.

Once out the bath, a good slathering of the Daily Smooth body butter from Soap and Glory is needed, which is more thick and nourishing than a regular moisturiser but thin enough to squeeze out a tube and sink in quicker than a standard body butter. After washing off the Clarins mask and toning, I popped on Origins Drink Up Intensive, an over night moisture mask to hydrate and nourish my skin. To top it all off, a few coats of Look Beauty's Nail pop in 'Dazzle'.

Have you used any of these products? What are your favourite pampering products? xxx


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