Monday, 29 April 2013

Review: Kerastase | Elixir Ultime |

On my most recent visit to the hairdressers Matt treated me to this hair oil (thank you!) I wanted to test out a new brand of oil as I wasn't completely in love with the Macadamia version and am keen to find one that suits my hair type.

There are 4 versions and upon consultation with my hairdresser we purchased the pink one, which features an added ingredient of imperial tea and is best suited for colour treated hair. I love the pink shiny packaging that includes a lockable pump, however I was disappointed it was made out of plastic rather than glass as for me it is quite pricey and I would have preferred it to feel more luxurious for the money. 

It has quite a strong scent which I really like - quite perfumed and flowery that lasts until the next wash. According to the hairdresser it smells like Marc Jacobs Lola fragrance but I can't vouch for that as I haven't smelt it. One pump is enough for me and I smooth it from the top of my ears through to the lengths of my hair. Oils have a variety of uses: pre-shampoo treatments, after washing and as a finishing touch after styling to name a few. My favourite for this oil is after washing on towel dried hair to keep my hair smooth, soft and smelling lovely (although I don't use it if I've used a hair mask). It works great whether you want to blow dry and style your hair or if you prefer to air dry your hair which I normally do. 

This oil has really shone for me and is definitely worth the price tag. I notice a real difference when I use this and find it nourishing without weighing down my hair. I've been using it for a few months now and it is only showing signs of use so should hopefully last me a very long time. I would really like to compare it to the mythic oil by L'Oreal too to see if the high street version matches up to it.

Do you have any favourite hair oils to recommend? xxx


  1. My favourite brand oils is the Moroccan oil line but the best results I've ever gotten have honestly come from using pure olive oil! Quite marvelous.

    Tamryn @TotallyTamryn - "A Beautician's Beauty Basics"

    1. I've tried the original once or twice as my mum has it but not enough to test it properly! Think I would have to go with the light version though as it might weigh my hair down otherwise. Ooo good thrifty tip! x


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