Saturday, 19 January 2013

Review: Lush Cinders Bath Bomb

I received this bath ballistic as a gift from my sister for Christmas. It is limited edition to the festive period, but I am really hoping they will bring it back next year as it is so lovely! I'm a massive fan of Lush, with their bubble bars and bath bombs being my favourite products to use.

This particular ballistic smells heavily of cinnamon and Christmas spices, which is no surprise as the featured ingredient is cinnamon leaf oil. I absolutely love the smell of cinnamon and thought it was the perfect scent for a dark, cold night. Other ingredients include almond essential oil and and sweet orange oil that bring citrus notes too. The actual bomb is quite big so the product fills up your whole bath and the smell lingers in your bathroom. It also features red popping candy which crackles while the bomb dissolves, which like it claims on the website evokes sitting by a warm crackling fire. The only downsides are that it isn't the most moisturising of their products although it did make the water softer, and the water doesn't do anything too jazzy, instead turning a pale shade of yellow.

However, I think this is a really lovely addition to any winter bath time routine and I really hope this bomb comes out again next year! 

What are your favourite bath products from Lush? xxx


  1. I love the smell of this one! The only other bath bomb I've tried is Space Girl - it's shaped like a planet and smells just like Parma violets! xx

    1. Me too :) I also love that one and it is quite cheap too! You should try the Sunnyside Bubblebar its lovely xxx

  2. i love cinnamon so this looks amazing :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // twitter // youtube

  3. I love the Dragon Egg and the Twilight bath bombs, they're delish! Def gonna try a new one next time though so I might give this one a try :D
    ..and if you're ever passing through my blog Seraphina, do say hi!
    Kerry x
    from Kerralina

    1. Ooo Dragon Egg sounds intriguing! I have the twilight shower gel which is lovely before bed so I'm guessing the bomb would be the same scent? Thanks, I have just followed you :) xxx


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