Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year, No Resolutions

2016 marks nearly 4 years of blogging for me. It's so great to look back at what is essentially an online diary for me and see so many memories of events and things I have loved. However, its also a bit sad because when I first started I was at uni, with plenty of time and was truly dedicated to this space. A full time job, a big break up, multiple house moves and a really tough year mentally have made me really neglect this space over the past two years, especially in 2015 so my blog isn't really how or where I want it to be.

Instead of setting myself multiple goals of where I want to be within life, the blog etc, I am making one goal and that is to be happy. How cliché but its true. I always set myself up for a fail with my whole life plan, my fitness, beauty, health, blog goals and the problem is I end up comparing myself to other people instead of focusing on the positive things about what I can do, lose motivation and then am unhappy with where I am again, so its like being stuck in a vicious circle.

So I'm not making any promises about these things to myself or others, but have decided to carry on the positive lessons and mindset I have learnt over the last few months and hopefully that will trickle down to lots of other areas of my life.

I'm truly excited for a fresh start and I hope this year brings lots of happiness, positivity, health and loads of new experiences and memories. 

Happy New Year! xxx


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