Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Inside The Beauty Bag Of... #1

Most of my posts consist of products geared towards my skin type, hair type and personal make up taste so I thought it would be a nice change once in a while to delve into other people's beauty bags in order to offer a different perspective. For the first installment of this new series I delved into the make up and skin care preferences of my best friend Sophie.

Skin type: Dry and sensitive. 

Skincare regime: Sophie has a really simple routine which consists of all Garnier products! She swears by Garnier's Soft Essentials cream cleanser and rose toner followed by the Moisture Match moisturiser for dry to very dry skin.

Everyday make up: Sophie starts with Rimmel's Fix and Perfect Primer (something I really want to try) followed by MaxFactor 3in1 Facefinity foundation which as it isn't too heavy. For under eyes she uses Benefit Boi-ing concealer which she got in a set for Christmas and has fallen in love with and luckily doesn't need anything to cover up blemishes as she rarely gets any. Her base make up is finished with a small dash of  L'Oreal Blush in 'Wild Rose' and Rimmel Clear Complexion powder. Moving onto eyes her favourite liquid eyeliner is by No 7 as it is hypoallergenic which is great for sensitive eyes, although she is trying out Barry M's Wink Black Marker at the moment. For below the lash line she prefers a pencil liner that won't run at the moment one from Rimmel that features a nifty twist feature. Finally a slick of Maxfactor's Masterpiece Max mascara (one of my favourites) finishes her look.

Overall favourite make up brand: Overall Maybelline as they provide a light base which is non cakey that is perfect for dry skin. She also loved Define A Lash mascara by the brand before it was discontinued because it was long lasting and had a rubber wand which is her favourite over a bristle applicator.

Favourite make up item of all time:  Maxfactor Masterpiece Max mascara.

Worst product: Rimmel foundations - they are too thick for Sophie's liking!

Favourite nail varnish: Pretty much anything from Barry M, in particular their dark red from the original line.

First make up item: mascara of some sort .... (she thinks!)

Favourite make up look: Vintage glamour.

Beauty muse: Millie Mackintosh for her simple, fresh make up.

Best beauty tip: use an older mascara for bottom lashes so it won't smudge or go gloopy.

Top of the lust list: YSL Touche Eclat to brighten up under eyes.

I hope you enjoyed the slight change in post. Let me know if you have any product suggestions suited to Sophie's needs xxx

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