Monday, 3 February 2014

5 Top Tips to Survive The Winter + A Giveaway

With England's weather being ridiculously cold and wet over the last few weeks and no sign of getting better, I thought it would be nice to do a little post on how to survive it by sharing a few lifestyle and beauty tips.

1. Hydrate: from the outside and the inside. I'm pretty crap at drinking lots of water myself but since buying a really large cup its made it a lot easier to keep hydrated. Try it with lemon for an added immune boost - I like a hot mug of water and a slice of lemon in the mornings as well as herbal teas throughout the day and evening, which keep you warm, hydrated and they are good for you!

In terms of the outside, cold temperatures as well as central heating can really dry out skin and hair. I've previously done a post on my dehydrated skin saviours but a few of my favourites include: Origins Drink Up Intensive mask, Nuxe lip balm, Clarins facial oil, The Body Shop hemp hand cream and a rich body cream like The Righteous Butter from Soap and Glory. Your hair will also thank you for oils - my fave is this offering from Kerastase - and luxurious masks like the Macadamia oil one.

2. Vitamins: It's really tempting to make stodgy food the main part of your diet at this time of year, but try and get lots of fruits and veggies by making homemade soups (recipes to come), stews and smoothies/juices. That way you can help to stave off illnesses and not feel guilty when you do have some treats! You can also top up your defences with supplements such as Immunaid* by Bimuno which features Vitamin C and stimulates the good bacteria in your gut to maintain your immune health. Echinacea is also great for preventing a sniffle into a full blown cold.

3.  Exfoliate: In the winter skin can tend to get dull and lackluster but there is still the temptation to ignore it as what can't be seen is easily forgotten. Get out that rut and use a body brush before showering to stimulate blood flow, an effective body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and toners rich in AHA acids to gently exfoliate dead skin cells to get that glow back (remember to use an SPF after use to prevent sun damage).

4. Pamper: Beat the blues with a pamper night. What better excuse for a lush-centric bath, beautiful candles and a film or reading session wrapped under blankets.

5. Last but not least, remember to smile! It releases seratonin, a neuro transmitter that boosts your mood and your immune system.


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