Thursday, 25 July 2013

Origins | Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser |

Origins is one of my favourite brands, and I am slowly working on building up my collection of skincare from them. I was in need of a new face wash for the mornings and this had been on my radar for quite a while so I decided to buy it around a month ago. Since then my skin has changed so much for the better.

Although the packaging is a cute blue colour, the product inside is a clear gel that slightly foams once emulsified. I know foaming face washes are meant to be a bit of a no go but it doesn't foam that much and to be honest it has benefited my skin so much I'm not really too bothered! Ingredients include saw palmetto which helps to inhibit excess oil, salicylic acid which helps to exfoliate the skin's surface and therefore minimise and unclog pores and soothing aloe leaf juice. 

My skin has been so much clearer and even toned as well as oil production now being balanced, although I haven't noticed much difference regarding my pores. I used to have to blot/powder a few times a day but sometimes I can go a whole day without wearing any powder since using this. The only gripe I have with the product is the smell, which I'm really not a fan of. I'm literally so impressed with this product and it has reached holy grail status in my skincare regime. If you have a similar skin type to me I highly recommend you pick this up.

Do you have any favourites from Origins? xxx


  1. This sounds like exactly what I need! I might see if I can sometimes get a sample at the origins counter! xx

    1. I really hope it works for you and is what you are looking for xx

  2. I've tried using Origin's zero oil cleanser and it really does have a good effect on my face. I really loved it so I bought three of it. From my opinion on which one that makes it even better is because of saw palmetto mixed with mint. I've read an article about organic saw palmetto and I really appreciate how Origins product are made of.


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