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All Used Up #6

Hey guys, I haven't done an All Used Up post since May and these products have been building up in a bag in my closet so it was definitely time to write up some mini reviews and chuck them! I've managed to use up quite a lot of body care over the last few months with a few face and hair products too. Click on the product names listed below to be linked to full reviews if I have written them :)


001. Palmers Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser: When I did a post on this last year I hadn't heard much about it but nowadays everyone seems mad for it! I love the strong scent of chocolate, how nourishing it is and that it develops a lovely natural colour which is actually noticeable. Most gradual tanners I find don't really build up much more than a glow, but I like that this actually gives you a proper tan. It has also lasted me ages as it is the same bottle from last year's post! I have since repurchased this but am always open to suggestions if you have your own favourite gradual tanner.  

002. Radox Nourish Shower Gel: At Uni my shower gels were normally picked up in the supermarket when they were on offer for a pound so they normally turned out to be Radox. I liked using this as it did feel nourishing and smelt good, therefore I would repurchase but it isn't a must have for me.

003. Garnier Intensive 7 Days Moisturiser in 'Nourishing Shea Butter': This was a lovely product that did the job well and stuck to it's claims. It was great for in the mornings after a shower when you don't have time to wait for your moisturiser to dry and it made the whole process hassle free. I have also tried the mango version too which I also enjoyed. I would repurchase but in another version - I'm on a mission to try them all! The gel-cream and hand range also look interesting.

004. Simple Invigorating Shower Gel: Matt and I picked this up in the airport last year before we went to Turkey as an alternative to the Original Source Mint shower gel, with the idea that it would be really refreshing to use after a long hot day in the sun. It needed using up as there was about half left but I think it says something that it took me over a year to get round to doing this. I didn't find it invigorating at all and it only had a mild scent of mint, so was a bit disappointing really. For this reason I would not repurchase and stick with the Original Source one instead which I really enjoy using.

005. Sure Rexona Deodorant and Garnier Minerals InvisiDry Deodorant: To me different deodorants don't really make a difference (apart from the Nivea purple one which I hate!) so I normally pick up which ever is on offer. Out of the two I preferred the Garnier but for now I wouldn't repurchase because I'm trying out roll ons.

006. Nip + Fab Pistachio Body Butter (travel size): These body butters have always been on my radar so I decided to bite the bullet and pick up a travel size to see if I liked it or not. It's safe to say I loved this moisturiser so much! The smell is incredible, I liked that it was green (I'm so fickle) and it did a good job of injecting some moisture back into my skin. When I went to Barcelona, I popped this in the fridge and it was amazing to soothe burnt sun kissed skin. I would 100% buy the bigger version of this and I have already repurchased another travel size, this time in the Coconut Latte version.

007. Doctor Duve Lifting and Firming Hand and Decollete Cream: I received this in a Jolie Box along with another sample and really liked it. It was thick without being sticky and sunk in straight away as well as smelling lovely. It is meant to include 'growth factors' whatever they are, and hyaluronic acid which  left my hands smooth and hydrated after applying. However, I wouldn't repurchase because it is really expensive - £79!!!! 


008. Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz: This is one of my favourite toners as I love the fine spray and how refreshing it is. I would repurchase and am in fact onto my third bottle of the stuff! After the next one runs out I will probably try something new (suggestions please) but it will always be up there in my faves.

009. Vichy Thermal Spa Water: Again this was a sample from a Birch/Jolie Box and I love the handbag size. I didn't tend to use this on my face as although it might feel refreshing it actually dehydrates your skin if you do that but instead I've been using it during the hot weather on my body instead. It was a lovely little product but I don't really see the difference between this and putting some tap water into a spray bottle. I would repurchase but only as a little luxury.

010. Origins Super Spot Remover: This stuff is the best I've found for tackling problem break outs. I tried going without it but after two weeks I cracked and had to repurchase! This little bottle lasted me for months - since writing my review on it its only just run out so I think its great value for money.

011. Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser: I bought this after all the hype and tried using this for its main purpose as a cleanser but didn't think too much of it and was a bit let down. However, I tend to leave it on as a mask now for around 5-10 minutes to let the fruit acids brighten up my complexion and it is good for this reason. Sensitive skin will probably not be able to deal well with this though as after 10 minutes my skin does go quite red. I have another bottle from a gift set to use up but after that I wouldn't repurchase as there are better products out there for the money.

012. Dior Eyezone Boosting Super Serum Sample: As far as eye creams go this was quite nice and the sample size lasted me for ages which was a bonus. It is really expensive though and it didn't do anything out of the ordinary so I probably wouldn't repurchase.


013. VO5 Heat Protecting Spray: After religiously using Tresemme's heat protector for years I thought it was time to try something new and picked up this one from VO5. It had a good diffuser which released an even and fine spray onto the hair and smelt lovely too. It is also cheap as chips and left no stickyness or weight in my hair so for these reasons I would repurchase.

Sorry it turned out to be such a long post, it took me ages to write haha! I hope these reviews were useful for you. What have you recently used up? xxx


  1. Mmm I bet the Nip & Fab butter smells so good! Love pistachio's.

    from jade at Oh! You pretty things.

    1. You should go into Boots and give one a sniff haha x

  2. I would recommend the gel-cream 7 day moisturiser! It absorbs SUPER QUICKLY. I couldn't believe it! I got the peach scented one, it doesn't really smell too much like peach but it works well :) I also want to try the hand versio too!


    1. I will deffo have to check it out after your recommendation :) xx

  3. I was really interested in getting Peaches and Clean but it's interesting to know that you didn't like it.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I didn't really get the hype and I think they have reformulated it now so a lot of people who did like it don't anymore xx


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