Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wishlist Wednesday #5

The time has come for another wishlist and boy was it hard to narrow down just 5 for this week's post... my Amazon wishlist now has 333 items on it!! Safe to say being a beauty blogger has not only opened up my eyes but also my purse. I am on a spending ban at the moment though for this month so hopefully I can stick to it and feel a little better about my finances...and then maybe treat myself to something at the end of the month? 

First on the list is Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish Ltd Edition which when I heard about it I knew I just needed!! I love the original (see me rave about it here) and think the addition of Rose and Lavender sounds just lovely. I popped into my local John Lewis the other day to have a look (and smell) and liked what I saw, however I wasn't expecting the price to be quite so high. You do get a bigger bottle though and money from the sales go towards the Prince's Trust charity so I think the price is understandable. I've just run out of my original c&p so hopefully I'll be able to afford the new version soon to replace it.

Second is another perfume: Love Struck by Vera Wang. I have a good selection at the moment but they all seem to be running dangerously low at the same time! Everything about this particular perfume appeals to me from the amazing bottle (although not the best for travel), to the gorgeous smell, to it being fronted by Leighton Meester. I have another scent by Vera Wang which is Princess and I love that too. 

Next is a blusher. You may have noticed that I've developed a serious addiction to lipsticks recently and now I seem to have moved onto building up my blusher collection. This particular blush is 'Super Orgams' by Nars. Nars products have always interested me but they are SO expensive, so this really is a wishlist item. No doubt you would have heard of the Orgasm products due to their popularity and also the naughty name! Super Orgasm seems to be a little bit peachier with more shimmer running through. I know alot of people prefer matte blushes but I'm partial to a bit of shimmer sometimes!

This week's random item (always has to be one!) is a yoga/pilates/work out mat. And of course I would like it to be pink! These are pretty easy and cheap to get on Amazon, eBay and at John Lewis. I'm trying to get a bit fitter and do more exercise but I find it difficult to do some of the exercises without a proper mat. Maybe if I had one of these I would be more inclined to work out...maybe haha.

Last but certainly not least is again a definite wishlist item as it is quite expensive. Alpha H Liquid Gold has had a lot of blogger hype and I really want to try it for myself. From the reviews I've seen it looks like it would be great for my skin type and the different problems I have such as blemishes, dullness etc. Here's to hoping!

What do you think of this week's wishlist? Do you have any of these products? xxx


  1. I've heard great things about the Liquid Gold too, especially for scarring, so I'm tempted to buy but it's just a little expensive for me at the moment :-( xx

    1. the price sucks, I swear my most wanted items are the most expensive too! x

  2. Ooh I really want to try Alpha H Liquid Gold, I've been hearing nothing but brilliant things about it xx


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