Friday, 14 September 2012

Review: Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection

£6 from Tesco

Upon seeing various reviews on YT about the infamous Beauty Blender, I decided to look into purchasing one. I have quite a few brushes already, and love my stippling brush and RT buffing brush for my base, but thought the addition of another way to apply foundation would be helpful in creating different looks. Plus I was curious about how this piece of sponge could create a 'flawless finish' as similar old fashioned sponge applicators can easily turn your makeup cakey and obvious. The original Beauty Blender retails for around £16 and I wasn't prepared to pay that for a bit of sponge that I didn't know whether I would like or not. Therefore I decided on picking up a dupe instead. 

This search led me to Boots and the Cosmo Blend Perfection. It looks pretty similar to the original Beauty Blender although it is concave in the middle so not entirely egg shaped and the point at the top is less pronounced. The instructions are to dampen the sponge and then 'blend and dot' all over, using the pointed side for tricky to reach areas such as around the nose and eyes. I run the sponge under cold water until it expands to double it size then squeeze out as much water as possible. Then I normally wrap it in a towel and squeeze some more as you really only want it to be slightly damp. I dot the foundation on to my face and then by using quick and light tapping motions with the Blend Perfection blend it into my skin.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like the finish. It leaves even thicker foundations looking skin-like (I tested it with the 17 Miracle Matte foundation that is quite thick) while still providing a good amount of coverage. I would say that this product gives you light to medium coverage depending on how much base product you use and the type of base you choose. In the areas I wanted a little more coverage I used my RT blending brush to buff a little more into those areas. I have used this on many occasions now and have always been impressed with the results. It is great for days where you want a little more coverage while still looking natural. Considering it is 10 pounds less than the original I would say it is well worth picking up yourself and giving it a go yourself. I'm looking forward to trying this with other types of bases too.

Have you tried the original Beauty Blender or anything similar? Do you know of any other dupes? xxx


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