Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Time to get Naked...

Hey guys,

I arrived home today and found a lovely package awaiting me...my eagerly anticipated Naked Palette from Urban Decay! Considering I only bought this 2 days ago, I was impressed with how quick the shipping was. Because there has been so much hype to this product and it is quite expensive (at least on a student budget - although you do get a lot of shadows) I was worried I would be dissapointed. However, I wasn't in the slightest!! I was happy with everything from the lovely velvet casing and gilt lettering to the gorgeous shades of eyeshadow and the mini eyeshadow primer I recieved. I love that urban decay shadows have really good pigmentation and variety of colour, so will love having a play around with these, as everyone who knows me knows that I like to switch up my eye make up frequently and try out different colours and styles. This palette will be perfect for the day and evenings and therefore I  think it is well worth the money. I just have to make sure I keep it in good condition!

Opening the package!

Eyeshadow primer

The colours in the palette

Has anyone else tried this palette, and what are your thoughts on it? What other Urban Decay eyeshadows/products should I try? xxx


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