Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Review: L'Oreal | Infalliable Fixing Mist |

The British Summer has been weird. One moment its pelting it down with rain and very humid, the next its boiling hot up to 30 degrees! For all these changes in weather, a fixing mist has been essential in keeping my make up in tact.

I've been using the L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist for the past few months and have always been impressed, but the summer has definitely cemented the benefit of this spray. It is a bi-phase liquid that you need to shake up and then spray 2-4 pumps from arms length all over your face (they suggest an X action). It claims to not only make your make up last longer but also prevent fading and cracking.

I spray around 4 pumps onto my face and I like that the spray function is fine enough to not ruin your make up. Although my face felt wet for about 20 seconds, the formula is not sticky and once it dries and sets it feels like you have nothing on. It really helps lock in my makeup, reduces oiliness in my t zone and keeps even my eye make up looking fresh. This setting spray has really worked through all types of weather and for a high street product I am really impressed with the quality.

Having loved the Infalliable foundation, I'm not surprised this product from the range has also impressed me. If you have oily skin or problems with make up sticking around, I highly recommend this fixing spray as especially as it is such a great price point, available at the drugstore or online at Feel Unique, Asos and Look Fantastic.

What is your favourite fixing spray? xxx


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