Sunday, 10 April 2016

Video: April Book Haul 2016

Today's post is a little different to what I normally talk about on my blog, but as the name of this space is Little Miss Lifestyle, it means that I have lots of other things I love to do other than beauty! This video is a quick wrap up of the books I've recently purchased and are on my 'to read' list! Be sure to follow my Goodreads account to see my progress! 

What is your current read? xxx

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  1. Emily Barrington12 April 2016 at 21:47

    Hi Seraphina, as I'm sure Soph has told you I really enjoy your blog posts! If you like historical fiction then I would definitely recommend the Ken Follett "century" trilogy. It's not set in the Tudor time period but covers 100 years from WW1. It's a novel that covers five different families across the world during this time period and is so interesting!! They are really long books though so might be one to buy on the kindle! Emily xxx


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