Friday, 10 January 2014

All Used Up #8

Before I moved to my flat I had loads of empties to photograph and write up - I did the first part but never got round to writing up the other posts! So here is the next part of the series, which I'm pleased to announce actually contains some make up items which is rare for me as I find it hard to finish make up items.

Sure Cool Pink Deodorant: From what I can remember this wasn't anything special - I don't tend to be loyal to any brand really and mainly get whatever is on offer (bar Nivea which actually makes me sweat more...!) I do quite want to try Mitchum though as that is meant to be pretty good.

Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz: A review on this toner is already up on the blog here, but a brief summary is that this is my favourite toner that I have tried. It's refreshing yet gentle and I love the spray nozzle. I've already repurchased it a few times and have one in stock but after that I want to try a few others because as a beauty blogger you can never stay satisfied for long!

Batiste 'Tropical' Dry Shampoo: This brand of dry shampoo is my go to. I've used it since the beginning of using dry shampoo and have never felt the need to change as it does the job. The tropical scent is quite nice and smells of coconut (I went through a phase of being obsessed with that smell) but my favourite is definitely the wild version. Again, I normally chop and change in relation to scents.

Garnier Soft Essentials Face Wipes: OK before you say anything I know face wipes are really bad for you! I committed a cardinal beauty sin and for that I truly repent! I used these for taking off excess make up before cleansing in place of a micellar water which I usually use but these are really easy for travel. These were alright from what I remember but I've never come across a face wipe brand which has wowed me (probably because they aren't great for you!)

L'Oreal Lumi Magique in '1 Light': For ages I wasn't sold on this or touche eclat but now it is a permanent fixture in my make up bag. It's great for creating a subtle highlight, which can be built up if you want, is easily blended and easy to use. Once you know its purpose this nifty product is pretty fab.

Soap and Glory Hocus Focus: One of the first products I wrote about on this blog and my second ever foray into the world of liquid highlighters. I wasn't a fan at first and replaced it with this 17 highlighter but I do prefer Soap and Glory's offering and will be repurchasing once I have used up the former. It's a versatile product that can be mixed in with your moisturiser or foundation or used to highlight key areas without leaving you feeling greasy or sparkly like a glitter ball. I love highlighters both liquid and powder and this takes one of the top spots for me.

As stated, this photo was taken with my old camera so sorry for the not so great quality! 
What have you recently used up? xxx


  1. Wow, you know you love a toner when you use the entire thing up! I find it literally impossible to use them up. The Botanics one is next on my hit list!

    Ellis xo
    ELRBX / beauty, lifestyle & personal blog!

    1. I seem to go through them easily haha. Let me know if you like it! xxx

  2. I love the cherry dry shampoo - I kind of like the tropical one but I sprayed the day after a night out once when I was on the malibu so it kind of puts me off now! Lovely post :) xx

    1. That's one of the only ones I haven't tried! Haha oh dear hate it when that kind of thing happens xxx

  3. I love Hocus Focus, I think it has to be one of my favourite products the look it gives when mixed with my foundation is amazing! xxx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door


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