I am a 23 year old graduate from the University of Birmingham, and now work within the luxury fashion ecommerce/publication industry. I have a strong passion for beauty, blogging and baking. At Little Miss Lifestyle I share reviews, recipes, beauty and events from my life with the odd fashion post thrown in for luck.

My favourite things are: the colour pink, lipstick, a good cuppa, pinterest, glitter, chocolate, my boyfriend, face masks, instagram, parties, laughing, cake, scented candles, reading, afternoon tea, photos, Cath Kidston, green tea, Autumn and Winter, my grandparents, mini versions of things, trashy TV, holidays, swatching and going to the cinema amongst other things!

Please bare in mind that my views are my own, and what may work for me may not necessarily work for you. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, it means the world to me!

I really appreciate every single view and comment I receive, and always take the time to reply, so if you like my blog please feel free to subscribe and leave a comment or two :) I love meeting and speaking to new people so be sure to leave your link so I can check out your blog too and take a look at my social media platforms.

Seraphina xxx


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