Friday, 28 August 2015

All Used Up #12 | Product Empties |

Hi everyone,

Long time, no see! This year has been crazy with a new job, new home and new life! Some things haven't changed though such as my love for Reuben and passion for beauty blogging. I have been itching to have more time to start writing and filming again, so when I found old footage on my hard drive one evening from a month or so ago I got back into editing and popped it onto Youtube this morning.

I am hoping to relaunch my blog in the new future, with potentially a new name, moving everything onto Wordpress and buying my own domain. This is all tentative but I think it will give my blog a new lease of life and get me invested again.

I hope you enjoy the video and hopefully I will be back soon! Thank you for sticking with me xxx


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