Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My 23rd Birthday | An Instagram Diary

The other week it was my 23rd birthday and I wasn't happy about it. I've always loved birthdays but since reaching 20 (bar my 21st) I've always felt a bit sad about them because I feel so old!! Which is probably ridiculously over dramatic but you can't help the way you feel.

Anyway, I had a lovely time celebrating and was very much cheered up by this. The Sunday before my birthday I went to my parents house where we had a big lunch with all my extended family which was really lovely as I hardly get to see them now we have moved to the SW of London. I opened a few presents early and got to blow out some candles on my monster of a chocolate and raspberry flavoured cake.

My birthday was on the Tuesday and I was surprised the night before by Matt when he presented me with something in bed...It was an envelope! It said my first present was a lie in - which I thought meant at the weekend as Reuben wakes us up super early to be fed so I was quite happy with that. He actually went one step further though and had contacted my boss earlier in January (before I had even started my new job!) and had asked for me to have the day off. Luckily for me he said yes! Then I got to open the itenary: Kew Gardens, afternoon tea at Bluebird Chelsea and then dinner at Petrus in the evening.

We didn't manage Kew Gardens as we ended up having that lay in and then was treated to breakfast in bed while watching the final episodes of The Killing (you need to watch it!) I put on my party dress after opening the rest of my presents and then we were off to Bluebird, which is one of my favourite restaurants and the food did not disappoint and neither did the unlimited pots of tea. We had a selection of sweet and savoury treats and I even got a little surprise birthday brownie.

In the evening we went to Petrus in Belgravia and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the best meal of my life. I've been lucky enough to go to some beautiful restaurants but this was something else. The restaurant itself was quite small and low lit with no background music, which made the atmosphere very cosy and intimate. I really liked how you were seated next to each other rather than across the table so you could talk quietly and really enjoy the experience together.

The staff were incredible, so on the ball without being too fussy and made us feel at ease. They even had a velvet cushioned stool for my handbag to sit on!! I will for sure be judging every restaurant on whether they have a stool from now on haha.

We went for the tasting menu which had 9 courses, including canapes and petit fours, that enabled us to taste the best of what the restaurant had to offer. Everything was so different in texture and taste as to what you would expect but all of it was absolutely divine! For once I didn't take copious pictures of the food as it really wasn't the time of the place but meant I enjoyed the experience a lot more.

The next weekend I had a few friends round and we went out to our local club, which was so much fun but not so much fun the next morning! I loved putting on heavier make up than usual and playing around with my palettes - I went with a smokey eyes and Faux lipstick.

What has been your favourite birthday party? xxx

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