Monday, 24 November 2014

Review: Una Brennan | Vitamin C+ Brighten Dark Circles Eye Cream |

Una Brennan products are one of the unsung heroes of the high street to me. I've seen a few products featured from time to time on other blogs but they have been few and far between. Una has a range for nearly every skin problem with products ranging from face masks to cleansing oils and they are a really good price for how effective they are.

This little tube of eye cream has lasted me absolutely ages considering it is only 15ml. I used to use it morning and night but over the last few months I've been using it as my day cream, letting Estee Lauder's ANR eye do the job for the evening. The packaging is clean and pretty with an easy to use tapered dispenser. I have had trouble in the past with concealer looking cakey and creasing a lot under my eyes, which is why I started to use eye cream. This particular product is hydrating without being heavy or greasy, meaning it sinks in fairly quickly and therefore make up sits really nicely on top. 

Dark circles are one of the big things that makes me insecure about my make up free face. I've tried literally everything from drinking more water to making sure I get enough sleep but nothing really seems to help. The combination of Vitamin C and caffeine is meant to reduce the appearance of dark circles and lines. That is why I was drawn to this product so much, however in terms of brightening up dark eye circles I haven't really seen a difference in the short or long term unfortunately. The formula does not have any light reflecting particles so it is not meant to be an instant fix but over time there hasn't been a dramatic improvement either. I don't have many fine lines but a few creases under my eyes have been smoothed out.

In terms of a budget eye cream this one is really light, hydrating and great for the day time but if you are looking for something heavy duty to battle dark circles then I'm afraid this falls short.

I would still repurchase this product however for its other benefits and there are quite a few things from Una Brennan's range that I would still love to try such as the cleansing oil and the Neroli eye cream. 

Have you tried anything from Una Brennan? What is your favourite eye cream? xxx


  1. I have genetic dark circles, and I think there is only a point too which eye creams will reduce them - sooo annoying! At least this managed to sort out your fine lines!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I feel your pain then because I think I'm just going to have to get used to it! x

  2. I need a new eye cream for the morning, something light and brightening... It's a shame this isn't brightening! I'd like to try the UB Cleansing Oil too xx

    1. I'm thinking of trying roller balls now instead but they are more for depuffing which isn't much of an issue for me. xxx


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